Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Personal Travel No. 3 ---> Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

One of the many huge sculptures within Indianapolis.

One of the few Steam Clocks in the world.
Standing proud out behind the Indiana State Museum 
along the boardwalk next to the canal.
The view from my hotel room.
Traffic going past the Eiteljorg Museum.
Mad Scientist was in Indianapolis with the then Five Clans Rocket team
for Earth & Sky interactive project they had going on.
Here are a few of the team rockets that were available to view.

More outside sculptures... I love how they are dancing above the flowers.

Walking through downtown to get to the most wonderful resturatant that the Mad Scientist highly recommends!  It is so good.  I've been to it several times over!
 Le Peep Restaurant  is a stop I must make every time I drive through Indianapolis or if I'm stopping at the wonderful city itself.
Looking so yummy. This is a egg white omelet.  My memories fail me now & I'm unsure of which kind.  Mad Scientist happened to be driving through, headed to Florida, and timed it be park right outside at 5:45 am for 6 am open.  I split the omelet with my brother.  ---  Their french toast is also amazing!

Thanks for stopping by Indianapolis with the Mad Scientist!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Personal Travel No. 2 ---> Venice Beach, Florida, USA

A fun warm visit to the Venice Beach, Florida.  
A great way to spend an evening.
Boys are always tired after a good swim.
I get a beautiful sunset.
All is fair in a day at the beach!
How wonderful did this picture turn out!  
It is one of my favorite pictures!
Sort of...
Beach sunsets are always beautiful.
Push & Pull of the tide.
Brings in new sand and washes away old shells to uncover
items that have always been there.  Waiting!
A whole new direction...
A whole new sight...
A whole new love...

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