Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Read Forever --> New NookBooks

New NookBooks to my small and ever growing ReadForever library.

Save A Tree!  This makes me happy!

♥Suggestions for more ebooks to add to the wishlist are welcome.
♥Suggestions on which one of these to read are welcome.

Mad's Travel Odyssey {4}

Walking through the clothes market on the way to the food market.  It feels like a bright fuzzy tunnel most days.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Library Dreams

Credit goes to @littleladybigbook via Instagram.   MS just made some fun little edits.

How true is this!?!

Just Me... MS the post slacker

MS in SiSaKet Thailand before the Songkran Festival with some fun edits. 

May 19th was my Bday.  Sad I am older but happy to feel young and be exploring this world.

This is just a note....
It takes so long to transfer pictures to my laptop.  Therfore, I will just kock it until I can use it for scrap gears and wires.  Perhaps, that will not help either. In the future MS will be posting pictures from my Instagram account of my Thailand adventures.


It will be swift and odd as it posts the pictures at the bottom but I hope I can keep it rolling every other day or so as long as the wifi is agreeable.

Also, it will help with book reviews.  Shorter & sweeter versions but I'm sure you will enjoy my thoughts nonetheless.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

eBook Review --> Clockwork Mafia

By: Seleste DeLaney
Source: Netgalley
Rating: ☆★☆

Concoction of an Review:

This book had a great adventure within the pages. At times MS was at edge waiting to know what happened.  

Our Corset wearing lady, Henerietta, was stuck between wanting to be apart of a prim and proper society that does not except her & that of the world of which she is already apart of.  That being the rough world of the Badlands were fugitives are taken & as a medical doctor aboard a dirigible of which she holds the titleship too.

Mafia is brought into her life via her father's scientific research with cogs and gears.  She is now is danger so much so that handsome Marshall, Carson, who makes her spinster heaet go pitty pat has fought countless dangers to warn her. 

Ah, fair hero is surprised that she holds her own in the face of danger that such a beautiful lady should not endure.

A good mix of Steampunkery, feminism, mystery & adventure.   It was a fair read, however, I felt it took me ages to finish.  I am quite unsure of it being due to traveling or if the story was rather slow to unfold. 

MS shall give this book 3 solid blasts!

In The Moment {11}

I have recently started my first reRead of the year!

Yes, I find this exciting. I don't normally reRead many books bc there are so many out there that I have yet to get to. Ah, dilemmas!

How many have read The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown or any other book by him? Did you like it? Do you plan on reading his books?

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