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Book Review ---> A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull

A World Without Heroes

By:  Brandon Mull
Published By:  Aladdin
Published Date:  March 15th 2011
Read via Nook Color
Tags:  Young Adult, Fantasy Fiction, Adventure, Science Fiction

Why the Mad Scientist Read this Book:  This beauty was the first book offered to me by the Simon and Schuster eGalley Grab. 

Concoction of a Review:
I've never read a Fablehaven book.  *Gasps*  Sorry, it is true but that might have to change.  Brandon Mull's A World Without Heroes: Beyonders is the first installment of his next series.  If you decide to skip down to the rating... All you should know is that I will be picking up the rest of the series as it comes out!

Our young hero, Jason, started off as just a average boy trying to be suave for a girl he was pining for.  Then during a fateful but uniquely odd event involving a hippo (Yes, I said Hippo!) where he landed in another world.  Ever so quickly he manages to get himself in as much trouble as possible.  I mean his face was about to be plastered all over wanted signs through out the lands of Maldor, an evil tyrant of wizard.  *tsk tsk*  The Mad Scientist doesn't even think she could of managed such a great feat!

The beginning seemed a tad bit slow, at least for me.  Quickly, there was action on nearly every page... so keep flipping if you get discouraged.  You warm up to Jason as he starts out on this quest for a magic word.  He wants to go home because he doesn't think he is a hero or nearly the type of person who could pull of a quest of this magnitude.  However, the Mad Scientist was secretly cheering him on through the dangerous tasks that such a perilous quest demands of him.

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I think I may be leading you down the wrong path. Jason did have some help, major help.  There were a few tasks that he couldn't of completed without the help of Rachel.  Another, Beyounder who also found herself stuck in such an unusual world.  Just goes to show that Men no matter how much you think you can... you just can't do everything by yourselves.  Women are just too amazing!  You need us!

There were so many fun fantasy elements that came with this world.  A talking head, a race who was able to remove and reattach body parts, huge killer frogs, an evil wizard.  Brandon Mull did not use an element more then once it seemed like.  There was something new around every corner for our hero to encounter.  Finding humor scattered between the risky parts had me giggling to myself.  (Yes, I said Giggle!)

Overall, I didn't expect this book to be wonderful.  With that being said Brandon Mull blew me away and I loved to hit a good book so expectantly.  It is a book that will be loved by young and old, male or female!   Although, I would have to step back and say not too young.  Some vocab is challenging for my 8 year old and just a few for my 10 year old.  I encourage them looking up words.  Also, the violence was pretty detailed.  I would not allow my boys to read this until at least 12 due to the description of death and killing.

*I received this free eGalley via from publisher Aladdin via Simon and Schuster Galley Grab 
in exchange for my honest review. *

4.37 Blasts
A whole new fantasy world that you are sure to enjoy!  New races, huge killer frogs, & a hero on a quest for a magic word!

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As I Read (1)

I'm Currently Reading a Wonderful Book

I'll share...
  • quotes from the book
  • music that I'm listening to
  • images that inspire me
  • booky type of questions
  • character love
  • anything else that may arise in between reviews!

In between being busy and wanting to share so much but making posts for each sort of MeMe is just too tiring, even though they are fun.  Here the Mad Scientist will mush a bunch of everything together.

This shall be fun and I hope not limiting in anyway.

If you like you can jump in on the fun!
Grab the image or make your own.

Add a link in the comments and I'll stop by!

That of June 7th 2011

Just Finished Reading:

Wither by Lauren Destefano  (ARC)

"We've been married for nearly a month, but this is the first time since our wedding that I've been able to look at him."  
--- Page 83 (ARC)

This may be the beginning of the book but I really have not found anything that really jumps out at me quote wise.  My notebook is empty... this is just a quote from the page I am currently on.

Currently Reading:
Falling Under by Gwen Hayes (ARC)
Donny opened her purse, pulling out makeup.  To me, she said, "We are going to get a little color back on your face and then you are going to talk to Hottie McTightPants before some other ho snags him."
--- Page 23 (ARC)
I just knew when I read that sentence I had to share it.  I took a picture with my phone so I would not forget which page.  The Mad Scientist is just so techy like that.  LOL!  
Love my iPhone...


We <3 It!
I could hardly resist this fine letter!


This song just gets to me... I heard it on the radio and for the longest time I would miss them saying who the singer was or the name of the song.  
Now I know and now I get to share.

Call me crazy but this might be my emotional side coming out.  
Better close your eyes!

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Aftermath of BEA

Before I could even get myself on the plane I had to pick up my glasses.
Yes!  My Gucci's lost a nose pad and I needed them for this trip.
I flew into Newark, NJ.  The guy sitting next to me was so much fun.  We watched Return of the King (3rd Lord of the Rings) on his laptop and made witty comments about the movie.  LOL!  Then we took the 15 minute for 15 dollar bus ride to Time Square.

My first picture in NYC and look at it!  Truly wonderful!
The Mad Scientist doesn't think it would be considered a true trip to NYC without getting a photo of the icon so many people have looked for as they venture to a whole new life.  However, this time in NYC I opted not to visit her and all her beauty with her own Island.
Chinatown.  A small area after my heart.  So much good food and a Buddhist temple to visit. However, like any good part there is a bad part or in this mind a truly colorful rooftop melody that is to be had going over the Manhattan Bridge towards Brooklyn.
Here is another look from the Manhattan Bridge at another angle.  Brooklyn Bridge, the finical district and, of course, the ever so fun FDR express way.  That might or might not be a bit of sarcasm.  LOL!
I just love how this picture turned out.  I didn't have my phone out to take pictures until I looked up and seen the reflection just looking back at me.  I just had to get the skyscraper sharing what it sees.  (Even if the Kia add happened to be in the way.  Bugger!)
Some oh so yummy Thai food that I found on 51st!  
It was almost like being back at my second home!

New York Public Library.  It is so beautiful.  I only regret not taking the time to go inside.  Next time.  I love NYC so I know I'll be back.... again.  I always seem to return.

Harry Potter Expo @ the Discovery Center.
Viktor Krum's Yule Ball attire and Hermione's beautiful gown!!

"There's no one like Krum!  He's like a bird the way he rides the wind!

He's more than an athlete... he's an artist."
--- Ron Weasley

Here are a few books the Mad Scientist picked up while wondering around BEA.
I'm not being extreme when I say a few.  I came home with over 50 books.  I just stopped counting.  That number does not even include the audio books I stumbled upon.

Here was just a small peak into my week in NYC.  I did so much more an seen so much more.   I didn't find the over all blogger to blogger friendship that I thought I would find.  It seemed everyone was more on a mission for free books.  I just roamed around by myself trying to get people talking in lines.  However, I found some random people in the city and had a wonderful night with them.

Overall, not a horrid experience and not the best.
NYC itself made up for everything between!

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