Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Personal Travel No.1 ---> Longji Rice Terraces, Guangxi, China

I do a fair amount of travel... local, national, & international.
The Mad Scientist needs a more proper way of keeping them in order.
I am going to start numbering my personal travel posts in hopes that I can 
share in a more organized manner without many repeat pictures.
Which would hardly be horrid, expect I have millions of pictures!

Look forward to new places, random daily photos, food, ocean, weird beyond weird & hopefully some Travelling books, nooks, & Kindle pictures!


As always let me know if you do enjoy and want more pictures ;)

Could you walk through this 600 year old doorway with out thinking of the 
past, present & future?!?

The village in which I stayed. 
Set high up in the mountains it was a sight to behold!
Can you see the mist rolling in the background?
A sort of grave marker along the trail through the rice terraces!
Locals working on their export, red chilis.
The red contrast against the green terraces is beautiful.
Bright and vivid green rice terrace!
The view from my spectacular room!
It was such a cozy room.  We could hear the rosters crow 
& the locals loud and crazy with their drinking games.

Monday, January 23, 2012

What's Your Status {No. 8}

MeMe hosted by Zakiya @ Butterfly Feet Walking on Life

 This week I finished:

Moon Called #1 of Mercy Thompson Series
You know what that means.  I have officially started another series.
Where is book two?  Searches!  
I have that one ebook style ;)
Thanks to the lovely Jen at In the Closet with a Bibliophile.
I heart her very much & you will too!

It's been a slow week since recovery & meds didn't make for the best reading time.
If you missed the post, Mad Scientist had gallbladder surgery last Sunday :(
Finished Last Week:

Eye of the Tempest
Jane True #4
If you are curious here is my shortest review of the series,
"Jane True Rocks The Paranormal Fiction Book World!"
Pick it up, you wont be disappointed!
Death Cloud is a book about Young Sherlock Holmes & his first mystery
I found it to be a bit too dry for me :(
Between Shades of Gray was mentioned on my GoodReads group
as a great book for not only traveling to another country but as a historical fiction.
This novel about Stalin's holocaust is amazing!
5 blasts, 5 stars, 5 hearts!
Pick this one up, you will love it.
For that I need to thanks Candace from Candace's Book Blog for telling me just that!

Currently Reading:
Eat Pray Love
It is taking me a long time to chew through this novel.
However, annoying I might find her constant whine
I do enjoy the traveling.
Mad Scientist is now in Pray, Book Two.

The Cool Woman is a book I picked up at GoodWill.
Go figure.  I may say I dislike taking my grandma there
But I always come away with a new book or two!
What might be next:

Fair Coin... It is a YA were the choices might not always be good!
Thanks to the lovely people at PYR!

Newest Book Review:
Tempest's Legacy by Nicole Peeler  
Bite Me by Parker Blue
Newest {ARC} Book Review:

What's Your Status?
The Mad Scientist wants to know!
Or Recommend me a book!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mini Monday {No. 1}

Adult Mini's 

There are so many different short stories, novellas, and quickies that I felt a need or a desire if you will to feature some of the ones that I pick up and devour in between loads of laundry, waiting for the boys to come home, in the car waiting for the gas to pump and suck my wallet dry.  You name it there is a few minutes to spare in surprising situations.
I'd just like to just share that they will not always be adult Mini's. 

By: Lizzie Lynn Lee 
Published  By:  Summerhouse Publishing
Pages: Under 30 each
Tags:  Adult, Romance, Fantasy Fiction, Short Stories, Erotica
Why the Mad Scientist Read these Books:  Mad Scientsit was just in the perfect mood for a quick free romp ;)
Wicked Game, Jumping Bones, & Packback

Concoction of a Review
I cannot fathom a reason why I desired these little books. I just know they were to be had, for free mind you, that I found while browsing through NookBooks available. I picked out one and then found two more by the same author. Shaking my head at the screen thinking that it is so smart baiting me so. Well, I bit and I've read them already.

Wicked Game was my favorite out of the three. It might be a bit discomforting to those that are not to found of adventures bed chamber escapades. It would say the underlying BDSM theme.

Jumping Bones had me indifferent about it. Quick and hot. Yet, it didn't seem... Real. For a short erotica story one can hardly complain when a office desk is being defiled.
Of course one could never feel bad about getting in a quick story
saving a beloved tree that someone will one day read under!

Happy Mini Monday!
From the 

Monday, January 16, 2012

In which a hospital visit leads to surgery

I'm currently at the hospital. *whispers* I'm sure they think I'm sleeping. Or at least think I should be. Afterall it is 3 in the morning.

Earlier yesterday morning at 6 am I came to the hospital in severe pain once again for my incepit gallbladder!! Second time in a week. It started at 4 but I was hoping the meds they prescribed would slow it down, since I had the surgery scheduled for Tuesday morning.

No such luck my body tells me. I was poked w needles 5 times to get an IV started. The 5th time they had to use a pediatric needle. Then they came in to draw blood bc they couldn't get it the first 5 times. Geez. So I got poked two more times but was able to produce enough.

After a few hours I was admitted & scheduled to have my gallbladder taken out. I was a little freaked, by the surgery that is. Everyone was so nice but I still had run away tears. I wasn't crying but I wanted to, hence a few tears escaping.

They rolled me into the surgical room. It was bright and cold. The surgical nurse broke a piece off the rolling bed, which was funny. I had to shift from the warm bed to a very cold table. They hooked me up to stuff and laid warm blankets on me to stop my teeth from chattering away. They asked me to relax and next thing I know... Wallah! I'm coming out of sleep. Asking all kinds of questions like "did I do ok?" whatever that means, of course I didn't move & apparently I was still alive. Either way the chatter kept up bc I wanted to keep myself awake since I could only flutter my eyes open for a second to know I was in, yet another room.

Long story, but here I am resting in my room sipping on cranberry juice watching the clock tick by tell I can ask for another pain pill. I've been taking the lowest does spread apart as far as I can muster. I personally don't believe in putting so many chemicals in my body.

I leave you & me w some pictures of my day.

1.) My second IV ever. But it's in. Even if it's with a tiny child size needle. No shame in that.
2.) Mad Scientist shortly after check in.
3.) The horrid frankstein thumb print left on me from the blood drawn three days prior to this visit during my first ER visit for this problem.

{iPhone4 post from the hospital}

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Currently Reading {The Cool Woman by John Aubrey Anderson}

I feel the need to update since the Mad Scientist has not been around. I've been having health problems. Not too many days ago I was laid up in the hospital to find out it's my gallbladder. Oh no! Even worse... I have surgery on Tuesday for the removal of my pain, I mean gallbladder!

I'm excited to get back to normal, most of all back to you. However, I'm pretty scared. Loosing an organ at 30 cannot not be good preview into my future. :(

When I can concentrate I've been reading in bed. It's nice to relax but life is passing me by.

Now onto my quote:

"Freddy... Was marked with a perpetual five o'clock shadow and a tattoo of a naked lady on his hairy little arm. His life was an uninterrupted expenditure of energy to avoid labor. The skinny Yankee fueled his pursuit of leisure with beer, Lucky Stikes by the carton, and a taste for good dope."
~~ page 9

Yes, ladies and gentlemen it is officially a military read! It's been on my shelf & at the back of my mind for too long. I'm going to try chewing this one up this week!

{iPhone4 post from bed}

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Unveiled Library Special Best of 2011

Just a few of the books I loved from 2011!


The Greyfriar (Vampire Empire, #1)The Rift Walker (Vampire Empire, #2)

Young Adult Suspense

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer, #1)

Young Adult Historical


Adult Historical

Madame Tussaud: A Novel of the French Revolution



A sampling of the the books the Mad Scientist is Mad in Love with!

Sorry for a bit of Random

It seems to me my travel journal for my upcoming teaching adventure in Guilin has official begun.

{China Adventure 2012 - Entry 1}

I just started to search online for a plane ticket to Guilin, China for next month. Oh Poppycock!!! Prices are insane! Nearly loosing my pretty little head from shaking off the shock or to keep profanity from spewing from my lips, I'm unsure of which. However, I wouldn't doubt both would be true.

What ever shall I do? Because quit frankly I cannot afford it. Yet, we all know I'm going no matter what.

I decided that I'm intent on selling my soul to get there. Hmm... I'm not that deep. At least I think.

Soul for sale! Soul for sale! Slightly used & it's still vibrant.

I'm deeply grave to think I shall have to sell all my books to make some extra $$. Now now. Don't fret. (I'm telling myself this as well.) I have my kindle and nook, I have amazing bookish friends who lend me ebooks *winks*, & in the end it will be all worth it. *crosses fingers*

Mad Scientist is being crushed by a catch 22. Loose my personal library or go to China to teach English. I shall have to ponder another way to get a plane ticket.
Check out my newest GIVEAWAY!! :)
6 Books Available!

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