Monday, October 31, 2011

TBR - November 2011

A wonderful afternoon to you my dear.

Here is my very eager reading list for this month.
However, I'm not going to be as ambitious as last month.  
Life seems to be popping up and getting in the way more then normal.  
In no particular order at all.
Tis true I wont get to all of these... 

The Mad Scientist is Mad not Psychotic.

Click on any title and it will take you to the GoodReads page if you would like to see what they are all about.

If you have a book you think the Mad Scientist should put in front of other please do let me know.  Provide a link to your review if you would like :)

Currently Reading:

  TBR List  

Daughter of Smoke & Bone  by Laini Taylor

Wolfsangel  by M.D. Lachlan

Vampire Empire Book Two: The Rift Walker  by Clay & Susan Griffith

The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack  by  Mark Hodder

Dreamland Social Club  by Tara Altebrando

The Apothecary  by Maile Meloy

Bloodspell (Bloodspell #1)  by Amalie Howard

 Books Completed in October!!

{1}  Wanderlove  by Kirsten Hubbard
{2}  The Mephisto Covenant  by Trinity Faegen
{3}  Blood  (Mercian Trilogy #1)  by K.J. Wignall
{4}  Bite Me (Demon Underground #1)  by Parker Blue
{5}  Cirque Du Freak: A Living Nightmare  by Darren Shan 
{6}  Zombies Vs Unicorns Edited by --->  Holly Black & Justine Larbalestier
{7}  The Pledge (The Pledge #1) by Kimberly Derting
{8}  Legend (Legend #1)  by Marie Lu

Happy Halloween!!

From Steampunkery
Steampunkery Pumpkin --->  Source
Steampunkery Witch Hat --->  

To my Favorite Korean Singer --->  G Dragon
Send me lots of Candy ;)

Spooky Witches
Zombie Dogs
Pure Unicorns 

Have the Creepiest Day Ever!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fashionable {4}

 Steampunkery Wedding 

Black Gothic Wedding Dress --->  Source 
White with accents --->  Source
Marie Antoinette approach for a Neo Victorian Wedding --->  Source
Very Steampunkery!!  --->  Source
Corset Dress  --->  Source

I am no where near getting married.

But just in case you are...

Either way these dresses are too beautiful
to ignore!

No need to stick completely to the classic white look either.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fashionable {3}

White Hair 

Looking like a Babydoll --->  Source
Classic Steampunk --->  Source

A cute item for in the bed chambers --->  Source


Wish I was skinny enough and tall enough to be a model for S.C.
Amazing hair <3 --->  Source

Sleek and Shiny  --->  Source

Hair is how we speak to others without words.

Our style is extreme and above the ordinary!

Let us make a Statement with White Hair!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fashionable {2}

Steampunkery Military Jackets

G Dragon has the oddest fashion but he works the jacket! ---> Source
Modern and Fun ---> Source

The Military Jacket is cozy, Stylist and will help defeat the Winter Blues!

You may have thought wool was ugly and itchy but look at these coats.

Wear them with dresses, jeans, or some black dress pants!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Book Art ---> Girl of Nightmares

Anna Dressed in Blood #2

That cover is just as beautiful as the first!

Expected to be Published Some Time in 2012!!!

From Tor Teen!

What do you think of this beauty??

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Teaser Tuesday ---> That of October 11th

 Teaser Tuesday 

Bite Me (Demon Underground, #1)I do believe it is time for some good old fashion Teasing!

Book Style!  The way we like it!

Hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. 
  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

Currently Reading:
Bite Me 
(Demon Underground #1) 
by Parker Blue

Steampunkery Teaser

Monday, October 10, 2011

{ARC} Book Review ---> Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard

By:  Kirsten Hubbard
Published By:   Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Published Date:  March 13th 2012
Pages:   Hardcover 335
Tags:  Young Adult, Contemporary Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Coming of Age, Travel, Central America, 

Why the Mad Scientist read this book:  Mad Scientist's first major hobby is travel right next to reading.

Day 1:   As soon as I see the blond girl bouncing down the aisle, I know she's heading for the empty seat beside me.

Concoction of a Review:

Wanderlove is the BEST book of 2011 & since it is not out until 2012 I have to say it will be the BEST book of 2012 as well!!!  As least for the Mad Scientist

I am already full of Wanderlove but this book had me hit priceline and before I was even done with the book just to see how much I had to save up for a month of hiking through Belize!  I have no doubt it will have you in deep desire to travel!!

Backpacking through any country is for the adventurous or someone looking to move on in their lives.  For Bria she is looking for a bit of both.  She recently turned 18 & was accepted into a fast track program for a renowned art school located in California, however, it is not the art school she had her heart set on.  Drawing is her passion yet she is at a impasse due to her crooked cross of an ex Toby.  *Grr* 

They did speak of traveling the world together.  Bria decided since she wasn't going with Toby she would travel with her two friends.  Except they backed out.  She is determined & books a herself a trip to Guatemala with a group through Global Vagabonds. *Cheers for Bria* 

Get ready for forest bugs, hostels, chicken buses, & rules to travel.

Bria runs into backpacker Starling and is envious of her way of travel.  Oh, so was the Mad Scientist.  Later on in a market her swoon worthy brother Rowan invited Bria to ditch her stuffy scheduled hand holding middle aged group to cross the lake and have dinner at a hostel.  Oh, the boy and his tricks.  Bria caught the last boat in so she was stuck at the hostel for the night.  From there it just unravels.  In Bria's favor I might add.  She needed some spontaneity in her trip!  *grin* 

Tumblr_lrm2l8qulp1qmawweo1_500_largeNow that she is has thrown away 80% of what she brought to Central American but opting to keep the "gutterwater" colored crisp windbreaker.   *What are you thinking face!*  Next step: ditching the suitcase for a used with love backpack she hits the road with her new tour guides, Starling & Rowan.

Could you use just a backpack to get around?  As you can tell Kristen is a traveler of the world.  Only a person who has been on a water taxi would know to wrap it up... Otherwise risk smelling like wet moldy fish water.   Mad Scientist does not feel like a seasoned traveler but I know I want to cart the smallest amount of junk with me.  My one month in China... I only had a backpack.  It can be done my dears.  

1315594800881_f_largeRowna's first travel rule: "The smaller the backpack, the bigger the ego."   --- I agree!

Here is how I picture Rowan:  As Samuel Larson...

Rowan is exactly the type of guy I run into on the road.  Well rounded and not perfect.  He makes a small amount to survive on by teaching scuba diving.  I don't know about you but I find that amazing!  Throughout the book he is reading all kinds of books, that alone should make any book lover fall for the long haired boy.  

Wanderlove is so easy to read.  It was smooth and had beautiful descriptions of the area. Character driven plot made me crave to know where and what would be next.  

Save a Tree – Read an e-book Button
e-Book Love!

An epic travel tale of friendship, culture shock, & self discovery is to be had in these pages.  Oh, & it is a escapist travel novel as well.  

 Mad Scientist really wants another book to follow this.  The end just makes me curious to know about their next travel 
adventure!   (Do I smell a series???  I might be dreaming.)  Even if their is not another destination I am ready to re-read this and relive Guatemala and Belize all over again!

*Free ARC from Netgalley which did not impede on my Mad Review.  It is completely honest and full of my thoughts on the book. *

5+ Blasts --->  A Proper Book Indeed!
I Recommend to Everyone!  LOVED this epic travel tale!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Book Review ---> Ten Things We Did (& Probably Shouldn't Have) by Sarah Mlynowski

Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have)Ten Things We Did 
  (& Probably Shouldn't Have)

By:  Sarah Mlynowski
Published By:   HarperTeen
Published Date:  June 7th 2011
Pages:   Hardcover 368
Tags:  Young Adult, Contemporary Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Coming of Age

Why the Mad Scientist read this book:  Mad Scientist picked up this book from BEA 2011!

First Lines:   I bolted awake.  A siren.

Concoction of a Review:

Ten Things We Did (& Probably Shouldn't Have) is a book full of teen experiences that realistically a young adult in these days would be able to relate to.  I mean if you ever did drunk mermaid impressions I think you would understand this book.  

This coming of age tale includes choices and consequences, hence ten things they shouldn't have done. Including #7 - Harboring a Fugitive & #8 Buying a Hot Tub.

April moves in with her friend Vi due to her father moving out of state.  They some how managed to convince him that Vi's mother would be there and was a responsible adult.  He was played like a hunting horn.  April was learning that it was rather hard to live on your own.  Grocery shopping, dishes, & caring for her cat Donut.  On the other hand Vi was a bit more on the spontaneous side.  These girls had me giggling out loud several times. 

Noah is April's first love.  She is preparing to take the next step.  For some reason he is not thrilled that she has moved in with Vi.  Surprisingly, he thinks her friends are obnoxious.  Well, the Mad Scientist thinks he is a booger messing up her handkerchief!!  He seem like the perfect guy but deep down you get to see the slime I had just mentioned!

Then there is Hudson!!  I almost crawled into the book to pull him out.   *gasps*   He is the ideal young man you would want your daughter to find.  Hard working and caring.  Did I mention buff?  Must of slipped my mind.  Plus he had this super studly secret that ended up being super adorable and shocking. A leather jacket wearing male escort to babysitter!!!

Here is how I picture Day:  As Kellan Lutz...

**Side Note:  Mad Scientist thinks that Kellan is going to be representing more then just Hudson.  He takes some good pictures!**

Sarah Mlynowski created an epic novel that talk about plan parenthood trips and the consequences of not using birth control.  Being baby or STD.  I applaud her!

Overall, the flow was easy making it hard to stop reading Ten Things We Did (& Probably Shouldn't Have).  More often then not it was due to wanting to know what mischief these two would find next.  I donot think I would ever pay 3 grand on a cat but who knows...

*Free ARC from BEA 2011 which did not impede on my Mad Review.  It is completely honest and full of my thoughts on the book and the very persistent young man inside. *

4 Blasts --->  Most Desirable
A story of falling in and out of love, broken homes, & friends that would help you lie to your dad so you would not have to move out of state.    

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday ---> Bruno Mars

I never would of known it was the start of a whole new year for Bruno Mars...
Except I was flouncing around twitter.


Apparently I flounce.

I thought I would share a song or two in honor of his Birthday.

Fashionable {1}

Steampunkery Dresses

A dress I would love to have in my wardrobe!  --->  Source

Gothic Steampunk Prom Dress --->  Source
Short and adorable!  --->  Source
They are beautiful and most desirable.

However... not always practical for our modern society.

That does not mean they would not be fun!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

{ARC} Book Review ---> Legend by Marie Lu

Legend (Legend, #1)
     (Legend #1)  
By:  Marie Lu
Published By:   Putnam Juvenile
Published Date:  November 29th 2011
Pages:   Hardcover 336
Read:  August 2011
Book Cover Rating:  4
Tags:  Young Adult, Science Fiction, Romance, Fantasy Fiction, Apocalypitc, Adventure 
Why the Mad Scientist read this book:  Signed ARC from BEA 2011.  It sounded like a wonderful fun adventure. 

First Lines:   My mother thinks I'm dead.
Concoction of a Review:
Legend is an action packed book set in future Los Angeles.  The United States is no longer United... or better known as the Republic.  The commander is cruel, lethal, and I would like to see where she fits into the story more with book two.  I believe that if a country and it's government thinks they are amazing and doing right by all of their people I would have to say, "what is the catch?"  I mean who doesn't love blackmail and corruption?!?  *Shakes head*

When the Republic is not busy being corrupt they are off at war with the Colonies.

The inky goodness here alternates between June & Day.  I admit the Mad Scientist loved the gold lettering.

A 15 year old prodigy who had a perfect score on her trial.  (Futuristic SAT basically.)  She is also a serious kick-butt chick.  June is excellent at military activities such as expertly handling guns & scaling buildings in record time, nonetheless, she has a feminine wardrobe that made me envious of our little hero.

She was rich thing but very humble about it.  How could you not enjoy her?

Her life is tossed upside down when Metias, her brother was murdered.  She was pulled out of university to fulfill her military duties...  Including the capture of the Republics worse criminal  ---> Day.  She was happy to take this job knowing that she could not let Metias's killer walk around.


0_14425179-gdq_00_largeDay had the Mad Scientist from the very beginning.  Poor, caring, blue eyes, and well, just too interesting to not enjoy reading about him.  Darn my little heart swooned for him & felt sad when the worst was going on.  Why Day?  *tear*

He was from the poor area of the Republic where things just were not kind.  Illegal fights, starvation and plague was to be had on the streets.  Yet, our handsome 15 year old endeared without carrying one of those ugly chips on his shoulders.

He was very found of his family even if they thought he was dead.  He tried to protect them in every way possible... one day it meant doing the most incredible thing!

Tess was a poor girl that he ended up befriending.  She was medical wonder as well.  Strong yet vulnerable at the same time made her a wonderful side character.  I adored her greatly.  Day protected her and she looked after him just the same.

Here is how I picture Day:  As Emile Hirsch...

**Side Note:  Mad Scientist is specifically thinking of the longish blonde hair from the movie, Lords of Dogtown.  His long hair flowing as he skateboarded down the ramp is perfect for this book!**

The Clash

June was wondering about in the poor sector doing undercover work, looking for the murderer.  Just so happens everyone thinks it is Day.  She ended up getting into an unfortunate predicament when protective Day swooped in and saved her even though she was a stranger.  He fell for her and she... You will just have to read to find out *wink wink*

From then on their lives are woven together.  From opposite sides of society and trying to make it in the world.
Overall, *pops parasol* let me be honest here.  Legend nhas scandal, murder & adventure.  However, I did set this book down half way through for a day or two.  I did not feel the desperate need to get back to it.  Although, Day did bring me back.  Curiosity will kill the Mad Scientist one day.

I also admit that I loved the second half of the book!!  I'm so glad I did not forget to finish this one.

*Purchased this book for myself which did not impede on my Mad Review.  It is completely honest and full of my thoughts on the book. *

4.7 Blasts --->  Most Desirable
A dystopian book that the Mad Scientist actually enjoyed.  I'm hooked on Day and await book two.

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