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Book Review ---> Ten Things We Did (& Probably Shouldn't Have) by Sarah Mlynowski

Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have)Ten Things We Did 
  (& Probably Shouldn't Have)

By:  Sarah Mlynowski
Published By:   HarperTeen
Published Date:  June 7th 2011
Pages:   Hardcover 368
Tags:  Young Adult, Contemporary Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Coming of Age

Why the Mad Scientist read this book:  Mad Scientist picked up this book from BEA 2011!

First Lines:   I bolted awake.  A siren.

Concoction of a Review:

Ten Things We Did (& Probably Shouldn't Have) is a book full of teen experiences that realistically a young adult in these days would be able to relate to.  I mean if you ever did drunk mermaid impressions I think you would understand this book.  

This coming of age tale includes choices and consequences, hence ten things they shouldn't have done. Including #7 - Harboring a Fugitive & #8 Buying a Hot Tub.

April moves in with her friend Vi due to her father moving out of state.  They some how managed to convince him that Vi's mother would be there and was a responsible adult.  He was played like a hunting horn.  April was learning that it was rather hard to live on your own.  Grocery shopping, dishes, & caring for her cat Donut.  On the other hand Vi was a bit more on the spontaneous side.  These girls had me giggling out loud several times. 

Noah is April's first love.  She is preparing to take the next step.  For some reason he is not thrilled that she has moved in with Vi.  Surprisingly, he thinks her friends are obnoxious.  Well, the Mad Scientist thinks he is a booger messing up her handkerchief!!  He seem like the perfect guy but deep down you get to see the slime I had just mentioned!

Then there is Hudson!!  I almost crawled into the book to pull him out.   *gasps*   He is the ideal young man you would want your daughter to find.  Hard working and caring.  Did I mention buff?  Must of slipped my mind.  Plus he had this super studly secret that ended up being super adorable and shocking. A leather jacket wearing male escort to babysitter!!!

Here is how I picture Day:  As Kellan Lutz...

**Side Note:  Mad Scientist thinks that Kellan is going to be representing more then just Hudson.  He takes some good pictures!**

Sarah Mlynowski created an epic novel that talk about plan parenthood trips and the consequences of not using birth control.  Being baby or STD.  I applaud her!

Overall, the flow was easy making it hard to stop reading Ten Things We Did (& Probably Shouldn't Have).  More often then not it was due to wanting to know what mischief these two would find next.  I donot think I would ever pay 3 grand on a cat but who knows...

*Free ARC from BEA 2011 which did not impede on my Mad Review.  It is completely honest and full of my thoughts on the book and the very persistent young man inside. *

4 Blasts --->  Most Desirable
A story of falling in and out of love, broken homes, & friends that would help you lie to your dad so you would not have to move out of state.    

  • 111 in '11


  1. Great review! And even better pics ;P I never used to read contemp novels until I started hearing about all the great ones from other bloggers and now I can't get enough!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Sorry Jen I didn't mean to delete your post :( It's hard working with a touch screen sometimes. My mouse has seen the end of its days a few weeks back. *tear*

    He must have a burial!


  4. I have been wanting to read this and have just not been able to find the time. It definitely sounds like a book I can relate to as I can probably write a list a mile long of things I probably shouldn't have done when I was younger!

  5. This is an amazing book. It takes you in and lets you ba apart of it. This is officially my favorite book. I LOVE IT.

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