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E-Book Review ---> Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why
By: Jay Asher 
Published  By:  Razorbill
Publish Date:  Oct. 18th 2007
Pages: 288 hardcover
Tags:  Young Adult, Realistic Fiction, Contemporary, Death-Dying
Source:  Personal Nook Book Purchase

Concoction of a Review

Thirteen Reasons Why is a book that I highly recommend to everyone.  It has been sitting on the Mad Scientist's Nook for farther longer then it should have!  Shame on the Mad Scientist!  If you have also left this book hanging I suggest you do not leave it too much longer.  Get to this one.  I don't think you will regret it!

Thirteen Reasons Why...

I'm unsure of where to start & with that thought I believe it will be hard to write this review in the manner it deserves.  Bare with me.

Let us begin in with the package.  Who doesn't enjoy receiving mail, as long as it is not a hospital bill?  One Clay Jensen gets a box of tapes.  Of course, curiosity and the happiness of getting mail lead to a change he was not expecting.  Perhaps even closure.

The mysterious tapes hold a record of Hanna Baker's last words before she killed herself.  Each side of the tapes tells a story of who and why they were apart of her decision of suicide.  Nobody wants to know they had to do with the death of someone.  Yet, Clay received these tapes.  Why?  Oh, why?

Some of the stories really had me agape with the horror of how cruel life can be in high school.  (If you are there.... please know that life gets better!)  The story through the tapes that Clay was listening to had me angry, frustrated, and wanting Hanna to fight.  Except... you realize that she was already gone and saddened by knowing that these thirteen stories were her last words. 

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Yes, Thirteen Reasons Why was a sad book but the writing and story had me flipping those electronic pages in a hurry.  It was unbelievable straight forward writing for an issue that needs to addressed.  Jay Asher's debut novel did not let me down and I will be looking forward to more of his books.

4.7 Blasts --->  Most Desirable
This was a serious book on a tough subject, however, it was written in a way that had me flipping quickly!

This is one of the handful of books that I read in China. 
The book was truly great!

American Soil

As of July 16th the Mad Scientist has been back on American soil.

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The Mad Scientist is BACK!!

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Nonetheless, drop me a note and watch for upcoming book reviews.

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