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My name is Elyssa Hawk an enrolled Native American, however, here my alter ego is known as the Mad Scientist due to having a degree in Biology. Mad Steam is a blog that I founded in September of 2010 since then it has evolved and changed from that first post. It is now a blog that includes posts about Travel and Books with bits of Native Pride sprinkled in-between for good measure. 

Mad Steam:
  • 47,000+ visitors a month on the blog
  • Top 5 visitors are from US, Russia, Poland, Germany & France
  • Nearly 600 followers
Social Media:
  • Hometown: Oneida, Wisconsin
  • Current Location: Pablo, Montana
  • Lived in Thailand twice for a total of two years.
  • Lived in China for 7 months
  • Visited Canada, China, Thailand, Laos, & Malaysia
International Jobs:
  • English teacher at Guangxi University in Guilin, China
  • English tutor to youth in SiSaKet, Thailand

Hotel/Restaurant/Travel Tester:

I do love to eat some wonderful food, grab some beauty rest, & if I could explain how much I love to travel we would be here longer than need be. 

If you are in need of some promotion for a old business looking for new boost or a new travel business trying to get the word out in the form of photography, social media shares, and/or review of your services I would be more than happy to work with your needs.

The cost for my promotions would be FREE. All travel costs would need to be covered.

  • Food/Restaurant Reviews
  • Hotel/Hostel/Apartment Reviews
  • Day/Multi Day Tours
  • Adventure Activities (Hiking, Biking, ect...)
  • Family Travel
  • Airline Reviews
  • Travel Gear Reviews
  • Event/Festival Reviews
  • and much more...

Mad Scientist can be reached at all hours of the day including that of the past, present, & future at:


There will be an abundance of blushing from the Mad Scientist if you would like me to read and create a review for you.  The concoction of a review is of my own making, however, I feel a need to state that all reviews are honest theories and thoughts from my own manner.

Futuristic contraptions are lovely objects. The Mad Scientist is a PROUD owner of Nook & Kindle.  It makes a long day of tinkering worth the moments of relaxing when I do not feel guilty about loss of trees for my obsession.  eBooks ONLY.

I do understand that ARC's are yet to be fully beautified & will be most honored to examine the inky goodness in the early stages.
Genres of my own personal interest would include:
  • Travel Lit
  • Steampunk
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Young Adult
  • Realistic Fiction
  • Science/Futuristic Fiction
  • Erotica
  • Dark Fantasy - including Gothic themed
  • Neo Victorian
  • Asian
  • Native American
  • Historical Romance

If there is a deadline for my work please let me know when the review is needed by.

Book Reviews include: Book name, author name, publisher, pages, ratings, maybe some quotes, & a honest review.

**My book reviews are also posted on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as GoodReads & Shelfari.**

Blog Created
September 26, 2010

Thank you for your interest & Have a pleasant day,


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