Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mad Imagery ---> Day 1

The Mad Scientist's LOVES to TRAVEL as much as I LOVE to READ!

In where MS attempts to post a photo or more a day.
& perhaps relay a tale or two of my ADVENTURES!!!!!!
{Halloween Edition}
Day 1

All Mad Images have to NO extra editing.
Only photo frame.
Using Sony Nex-5n.

This morning my wee one missed the yellow bus. 
Shaking my head at his mishap due to extra minutes of his head on the pillow.
Mad Scientist dug for her warm fuzzy boots and a comb all while the cleaning of the teeth. 

As we made our way for the place of education this eerie fog was everywhere.
Begrudging myself for leaving the camera on the counter.
Then pushing the wee one out.
 MS made haste back to the humble abode to grab the camera then went in search of some really fantastic pictures. 

MS does hope that you did enjoy your day of spookiness!

To Be Read Thursday #1

My dears, we see so many pretty posts about what you received in the mail, bought or borrowed. Goodness, they are lovely but it is deeply heartbreaking to know that so many will not get read as the piles stack.

We all know it is the book lovers catch-22! 

In hopes with TBR Thursdays, we might have a glimpse into the weeks pile of books that might be devoured so that they may not get too dusty. 

What imaginary worlds do you plan on exploring?
What is on your To Be Read pile for the week?

All Hallows Eve ---> Red Riding Hood

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

All Hallows Eve ---> Super Heroes

In the Moment {14}

Mad Scientist has been reading The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black longer then I care to admit. It is good but not highly. I feel like MS is in a current book lull.

With a happy accident my little lady, Miss Madeline, decided she wanted some loving. Giving me a much desired reading break.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Book Review ---> This Song Will Save Your Life

By: Leila Sales
Published  By:  Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Publish Date:  Sept. 17th 2013
Pages: 288 hardcover
Tags:  Young Adult, Realistic Fiction, Coming of Age, Contemporary Fiction, Stand Alone, Music
Source:  Community Library
Concoction of a Review:

There is a raw and powerful story to be had in between those covers. Once the Mad Scientist embraced This Song Will Save Your Life, MS could not stop devouring.

Starting late into the night my tea went cold twice and the minutes ticked by yelling at my hard head that the sun would rise in a few hours. A scientist I maybe but a lady should never have bags under her eyes so stubbornly buried myself under the duvet closing my eyes. Only to wake up as the sun was rising and read tell the book was done!

Planet & Book Love <3
Elise is the one person who never quit belonged with a particular group of kids at school.  Oh how kids can be cruel. She was a special girl who tried her best at whatever she wanted to learn. However, you found out being special or good at something is just uncool.

Lonely is what Elise was determined not to be any longer. She researched being cool and tried so hard to find a friend. Desperation turned into the consideration of suicide. Awe, my dear Elise, MS just wanted to crawl into the book and hug you. Let us just say thank you to the gods above for she did not go through with it.

"Sometimes you just have those days where everything goes wrong. But sometimes, and totally unexpectedly, something can go right."
Now Elise finds herself going through the aftermath of the situation. Soon after the scare she stumbled around late in the night near a business district trying to ward of her wound up nerves. Even in such a unseeming area Elise ran into Vicky & Mel, whom befriended her. Leading Elise into the teaming hectic world of an underground dance party. Music thumps through her body and soul, she is someone else here. The music loving self, not the unpopular HS self. Elise gathered strength from her new friends to survive and recover.

Elise takes it upon herself to learn how to DJ. The young and dashing lad, Char, the leading DJ of the night was needed elsewhere. Taking the reins of the dance party with her efforts and knowledge of music she easily rules the dance floor. Char, takes Elise under wing when realizing she is talented and different. Learning all she can, Elise becomes the hottest DJ in the area! 

Surviving high school surrounded by friends and music, Elise learned that it is alright to stay true to the person you want to be and can be. 
Undoubtedly my favorite Quote!

"I was smiling like a crazy person because I had just made a hundred people dance, I had just made a hundred people scream, I had just made a hundred people happy. I, Elise, using my own power, had made people happy."

Nelita Habbibi
Here is how I pictures Elise: 

Many lovely groups and songs are mentioned throughout the novel, in which the playlist from within can be found and thoroughly enjoyed at Spotify. As MS developed this mad review the sounds whirled around my skirts and rattled my pinned up hair.  

"I believe that a person's taste in music tells you a lot about them. In some cases, it tells you everything you need to know."

** Thanks to the Oneida Community Library and Inter-Library Loan! All Mad thoughts are presented in the right mind of a twisted brain of the Mad Scientist!**

4.5 Blasts --->  Loved it!
I loved how such important issues were brought together in a flawless story.
I urge you to Read it soon!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

ARC Book Review ---> Homecoming

Cloaked Devices 0.5
By: Cecilia Robert
Published  By:  Cecilia Robert
Publish Date:  October 25th 2013
Pages: 121 ebook
Tags:  Adult, Steampunk, Paranormal, Shapeshifters, Fantasy Fiction, Series
Source:  NetGalley
Concoction of a Review:
Homecoming is a new imaginary world by Cecilia Robert which is full of shapeshifters & steampunkery combined with swoon worthy lads. An introductory novella for the upcoming Cloaked Devices series.

Sera Czedar was mated with Levian Grayson five long years ago. Sera ran away from her wedding bed, her home & family without leaving a snippet of a clue as to where or why. 

Dear Lev's tormented panther paced around in need of his mate. He would do anything to bring her home, to have the other part of his soul home.  The time has come to do just after finally finding a clue to where abouts. 
"Soul mates aren't supposed to break their partner's heart. They should be the ones holding it, guarding it against the world."
Vanezia is a city known for its outcast citizens. Sera made herself home among the rift raft as a tenacious woman not to be trifled with less you want to feel the hurt. Known as Storm in the underground fighting ring she has solidly brought down robust opponents in order to bring in extra income. 

"He rubbed his neck, curbing his wayward thoughts, then watched her as she swung her hands and punched tiny fists into the air, looking completely harmless."

steampunkish dress
Here is how I picture Sera:

Even more has changed when Sera surprises Levian with some most shocking news. The Mad Scientist was most surly shocked with the spinning twist of the plot. Pleasantly so!

Get ready to flutter your fan and blush as the alpha male panther makes you swoon through some raw emotional desire and primal hotness. *Purr* Seriously, he is one intense dominate kitty that made me grin on more than one occasion. Lev even had stead fast Sera swooning and weak at the knees... several times over. 

Primarily a shifter genre novel, however, there are notes and dashes of steampunkery elements sprinkled through the pages. Leaving this novella to be a most desirable fast fun read with some forbidden steam. Luckily for us there will be more to this series to enjoy in the coming future.

The only note of negative thought from the Mad Scientist has to be that the novella is just too short. MS wanted more. With this being just a glimpse MS eagerly awaits the series. 

4.5 Blasts --->  Most Delightful!
** Thanks to NetGalley for the ability to read this ebook which so ever did not influence or bend my thoughts in any manner. All Mad thoughts are presented in the right mind of a twisted brain of the Mad Scientist!**

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 2013 Inspirations

Oh what a brilliant day it is today.
Most wonderful to be visiting with you on the 1st of October.
Fall is the Mad Scientist's very favorite of the fine seasons we have.

Here is a bit of October Inspiration for myself and to share.
Dare I admit that I need a tad bit of firing up.
Perhaps it is to beautiful not to force upon your delicate eyes!

Bianca Thell
Mad Scientist's Photo
Mad Scientist's Photo - TBR
Well hello😉
Mad Scientist's Photo
Foto di A Peaceful Warrior | via Facebook

Mad Scientist's Photo
Steampunk Fashion
Mad Scientist's Photo
Steampunk cosplay at Dragoncon in 2010 by Simone
Mad Scientist's Photo - Bangkok, Thailand
Tis truly a beautiful day in Wisconsin.  
Now to spoil my delicate skin with some sun as MS enjoys a good book and some tea under the back yard tree.

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