Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mini Monday {No. 1}

Adult Mini's 

There are so many different short stories, novellas, and quickies that I felt a need or a desire if you will to feature some of the ones that I pick up and devour in between loads of laundry, waiting for the boys to come home, in the car waiting for the gas to pump and suck my wallet dry.  You name it there is a few minutes to spare in surprising situations.
I'd just like to just share that they will not always be adult Mini's. 

By: Lizzie Lynn Lee 
Published  By:  Summerhouse Publishing
Pages: Under 30 each
Tags:  Adult, Romance, Fantasy Fiction, Short Stories, Erotica
Why the Mad Scientist Read these Books:  Mad Scientsit was just in the perfect mood for a quick free romp ;)
Wicked Game, Jumping Bones, & Packback

Concoction of a Review
I cannot fathom a reason why I desired these little books. I just know they were to be had, for free mind you, that I found while browsing through NookBooks available. I picked out one and then found two more by the same author. Shaking my head at the screen thinking that it is so smart baiting me so. Well, I bit and I've read them already.

Wicked Game was my favorite out of the three. It might be a bit discomforting to those that are not to found of adventures bed chamber escapades. It would say the underlying BDSM theme.

Jumping Bones had me indifferent about it. Quick and hot. Yet, it didn't seem... Real. For a short erotica story one can hardly complain when a office desk is being defiled.
Of course one could never feel bad about getting in a quick story
saving a beloved tree that someone will one day read under!

Happy Mini Monday!
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