Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Personal Travel No.1 ---> Longji Rice Terraces, Guangxi, China

I do a fair amount of travel... local, national, & international.
The Mad Scientist needs a more proper way of keeping them in order.
I am going to start numbering my personal travel posts in hopes that I can 
share in a more organized manner without many repeat pictures.
Which would hardly be horrid, expect I have millions of pictures!

Look forward to new places, random daily photos, food, ocean, weird beyond weird & hopefully some Travelling books, nooks, & Kindle pictures!


As always let me know if you do enjoy and want more pictures ;)

Could you walk through this 600 year old doorway with out thinking of the 
past, present & future?!?

The village in which I stayed. 
Set high up in the mountains it was a sight to behold!
Can you see the mist rolling in the background?
A sort of grave marker along the trail through the rice terraces!
Locals working on their export, red chilis.
The red contrast against the green terraces is beautiful.
Bright and vivid green rice terrace!
The view from my spectacular room!
It was such a cozy room.  We could hear the rosters crow 
& the locals loud and crazy with their drinking games.


  1. These are brilliant photos. The kind meant for picturesque postcards.

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