Monday, January 23, 2012

What's Your Status {No. 8}

MeMe hosted by Zakiya @ Butterfly Feet Walking on Life

 This week I finished:

Moon Called #1 of Mercy Thompson Series
You know what that means.  I have officially started another series.
Where is book two?  Searches!  
I have that one ebook style ;)
Thanks to the lovely Jen at In the Closet with a Bibliophile.
I heart her very much & you will too!

It's been a slow week since recovery & meds didn't make for the best reading time.
If you missed the post, Mad Scientist had gallbladder surgery last Sunday :(
Finished Last Week:

Eye of the Tempest
Jane True #4
If you are curious here is my shortest review of the series,
"Jane True Rocks The Paranormal Fiction Book World!"
Pick it up, you wont be disappointed!
Death Cloud is a book about Young Sherlock Holmes & his first mystery
I found it to be a bit too dry for me :(
Between Shades of Gray was mentioned on my GoodReads group
as a great book for not only traveling to another country but as a historical fiction.
This novel about Stalin's holocaust is amazing!
5 blasts, 5 stars, 5 hearts!
Pick this one up, you will love it.
For that I need to thanks Candace from Candace's Book Blog for telling me just that!

Currently Reading:
Eat Pray Love
It is taking me a long time to chew through this novel.
However, annoying I might find her constant whine
I do enjoy the traveling.
Mad Scientist is now in Pray, Book Two.

The Cool Woman is a book I picked up at GoodWill.
Go figure.  I may say I dislike taking my grandma there
But I always come away with a new book or two!
What might be next:

Fair Coin... It is a YA were the choices might not always be good!
Thanks to the lovely people at PYR!

Newest Book Review:
Tempest's Legacy by Nicole Peeler  
Bite Me by Parker Blue
Newest {ARC} Book Review:

What's Your Status?
The Mad Scientist wants to know!
Or Recommend me a book!


  1. Thanks for the link love! I get a little giddy everytime someone reads and loves Between Shades of Gray, it's one of my most recommended books EVER. I tell everyone to read it!
    I love Jane True too, but you already know that ;)
    Hope you're recovering well and getting some books read and books wrote as well!

  2. Love it!!!! Also loving the new design at the blog. I'm officially jealous! :D

  3. I really need to read "Between Shades of Gray". I was suppose to read it back in december but didn't have the chance. Maybe I'll get to it soon :)


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