Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sorry for a bit of Random

It seems to me my travel journal for my upcoming teaching adventure in Guilin has official begun.

{China Adventure 2012 - Entry 1}

I just started to search online for a plane ticket to Guilin, China for next month. Oh Poppycock!!! Prices are insane! Nearly loosing my pretty little head from shaking off the shock or to keep profanity from spewing from my lips, I'm unsure of which. However, I wouldn't doubt both would be true.

What ever shall I do? Because quit frankly I cannot afford it. Yet, we all know I'm going no matter what.

I decided that I'm intent on selling my soul to get there. Hmm... I'm not that deep. At least I think.

Soul for sale! Soul for sale! Slightly used & it's still vibrant.

I'm deeply grave to think I shall have to sell all my books to make some extra $$. Now now. Don't fret. (I'm telling myself this as well.) I have my kindle and nook, I have amazing bookish friends who lend me ebooks *winks*, & in the end it will be all worth it. *crosses fingers*

Mad Scientist is being crushed by a catch 22. Loose my personal library or go to China to teach English. I shall have to ponder another way to get a plane ticket.


  1. Going to China would be quite an experience. I hope you can find that money somehow. Good luck,


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