Sunday, January 15, 2012

Currently Reading {The Cool Woman by John Aubrey Anderson}

I feel the need to update since the Mad Scientist has not been around. I've been having health problems. Not too many days ago I was laid up in the hospital to find out it's my gallbladder. Oh no! Even worse... I have surgery on Tuesday for the removal of my pain, I mean gallbladder!

I'm excited to get back to normal, most of all back to you. However, I'm pretty scared. Loosing an organ at 30 cannot not be good preview into my future. :(

When I can concentrate I've been reading in bed. It's nice to relax but life is passing me by.

Now onto my quote:

"Freddy... Was marked with a perpetual five o'clock shadow and a tattoo of a naked lady on his hairy little arm. His life was an uninterrupted expenditure of energy to avoid labor. The skinny Yankee fueled his pursuit of leisure with beer, Lucky Stikes by the carton, and a taste for good dope."
~~ page 9

Yes, ladies and gentlemen it is officially a military read! It's been on my shelf & at the back of my mind for too long. I'm going to try chewing this one up this week!

{iPhone4 post from bed}


  1. I've had a couple of friends lose their gallbladder. I think any surgery is scary. You'll be good afterwards though. And just think of the forced downtime to read. :)

    1. It was scary! I wasn't full on crying but I wanted to. There were several run away tears as they talked me through what was going to happen. It happened fast. And I awoke w no pain. I'm glad to get the healing started. I'm very much lookinfarmyard to my down time!

  2. Cool teaser. I do hope everything goes fab with your surgery. Best of luck darling.

    1. I am very much looking forward to finishing this book. It's been very good so far. Surgery came sooner then I thought. My body yelled at me for trying to hold out until Tuesday. It was done today. *checks time piece* or rather yesterday since it is early am the next day.


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