Thursday, December 22, 2011

Library Unveiled {No. 7}

Don't know what is in your library?
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Curious to know what is in other libraries?
Massive TBR Pile?
I am quite sure that I am not the only mad person who has spent time strolling through another virtual library or digging through my own looking for the next beloved book to dive into or add to my wondrously long wishlist.

The Mad Scientist is also quite sure that with being surrounded by many many bound books that I am in no need of desiring more on a continuous scale that borders obsession.  Of course, I really do not mean that...

Library Unveiled will allow you to share your personal library, bound or virtual, with the Mad Scientist and other bloggers.

Every Thursday stop by and share books & perhaps a snippet of your thoughts or link to a review.

Beautiful Creatures Series
Yes, I do enjoy some Dark Southern Gothic!

1.)  Beautiful Creatures  Review
2.)  Beautiful Darkness  Review
3.)  Beautiful Chaos  Review to Come

By Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

 These beauties are indeed mine.  
I've read them all and enjoyed them all.
However, I must say that I think the first book was still the best!

Mad Scientist is contemplating a re-read in this coming 2012 year.


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As you can see I have a small weakness when it comes to a odd and dark series. 

What can be found in your library?
What is on your shelf?


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