Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Travel Machine {No. 3}

All about Travel & Books & Images in any era!
Just a bit of inspiration to get us through the week.


They transport us to places we have spent time dreaming of.

They transport us to places we have been to in a new way.

They transport us to places only our imaginations could hope to dream of.
Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1)Traveling to the inspirational images brought to me from the futuristic Re Telling of Cinderella....

By Marissa Meyer

 My Beijing

I took a trip to China this year and I took a few days to power through Beijing.  
Here are a few pictures from my adventure.

China Central TV Building - CCTV
This is one of the oddest skyscrapers I have ever seen!
The bean Shaped building is the Beijing Opera House!
It looks like it is floating on water.  It practically is!
Emperors Summer Palace
Great Wall of China!!!
Bridge within the Emperor's Summer Palace.
Temple of Heaven
Food at the Beijing Food Market.  Pick out what you want and they deep fry it.
I had Squid and Scorpion.  -  Dong Hua Market

I hope you have enjoyed the short journey into today's Beijing.
The Mad Scientist is clueless to how a futuristic Beijing would stand up to this but I will have to say it is one amazing place to visit!

A previous Beijing Post has been made.
Stop by if for more of this city!
I have so many pictures that I might have to make a Beijing Post.  *grin*

Travel is just so irresistible!


  1. I just love your photos. One day I will travel to China!!

    I only hope!!

  2. I loved seeing the pictures of Beijing!

  3. Mad!!! So glad to see you back! I'm glad that you got to go to Beijing this year. I love the pictures!


    Thanks for the Goodreads invite! Yes, I'll join!!

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