Monday, December 12, 2011

Travel Machine {No.4}

All about Travel & Books & Images in any era!
Just a bit of inspiration to get us through the week.


They transport us to places we have spent time dreaming of.

They transport us to places we have been to in a new way.

They transport us to places only our imaginations could hope to dream of.
Traveling to the inspirational images brought to me from my travels to New York City and the fantasy fiction of a world within a world....

City of Bones

By Cassandra Clare

I've been to NYC several times over the last few years.  For work and for the BEA. 

By foot, cruise, taxi, bus & subway.  NYC has any mode of transportation you could want.

My New York City!!

1.  Horse Mask can be found at the National Museum of the Native American (Smithsonian)
2.  Dusk Skyline as I head over the Manhattan Bridge.
3.  Time Square for all of the curious minds out there.  (My least favorite place in NYC)
4.  Empire State Building  -  Just Massive!
5.  I view into Brooklyn.  Under the Manhattan Bridge.
 ***All pictures taken with iPhone 4***

Inspirational images: 

I leave you with a Quote!

This was just a small glimpse of NYC.
Again, the Mad Scientist has hopeless amounts of pictures.

Let me know if you enjoy visiting the Travel Machine.

If you want to see more NYC from BEA
Stop by the Aftermath of BEA.

Travel is just so irresistible!


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