Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Personal Travel No. 2 ---> Venice Beach, Florida, USA

A fun warm visit to the Venice Beach, Florida.  
A great way to spend an evening.
Boys are always tired after a good swim.
I get a beautiful sunset.
All is fair in a day at the beach!
How wonderful did this picture turn out!  
It is one of my favorite pictures!
Sort of...
Beach sunsets are always beautiful.
Push & Pull of the tide.
Brings in new sand and washes away old shells to uncover
items that have always been there.  Waiting!
A whole new direction...
A whole new sight...
A whole new love...


  1. It would be nice to travel if you knew where you were going and where you would live at the end or do we ever know, do we ever live where we live, we're always in other places, lost, like sheep

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  2. It is beautiful. I can't believe you got the boys to stand still for that pic. LOL! They are really good boys, Lyss! *hugs*

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