Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Knicker Teaser... Speak

I ran across a fun little MeMe as I was scouring the book blog-o-sphere, which you know is huge!  Lady MizB @ Should Be Reading is the vamp-it mind behind this overtake.

As a Mad Scientist... it is in the job description to light up some beakers with mysterious glowing liquid and create.  

Create I will!!!

Knicker Teaser is the twisted creation.  I will provide you with Steampunkery Knicker Teasers and Literary Samplings as well.

Speak by Laurie Hale Anderson

Page 144 

"Ivy is sitting on the edge of the fountain, a giant sketchbook balanced on her knees.  She nods toward the line of whiners and the face painters furiously coloring stripes, spots, and whiskers."

I'm currently reading Speak in support of the Speak Loudly movement & it will be my first book review.  The community is loud and strong which is just amazing.  

I'm stocking up on ray guns and mechanical bugs that will creep out the people encroaching on our Freedoms!


  1. Speak is a great book and I'm so glad that the Speak Loudly movement pushed you to read it!
    I just found your blog through the Teaser Tuesday, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Steampunk! So I'm your 11th follower!

    My teaser is on HP Mallory's To Kill a Warlock.
    Candace @ Candace's Book Blog

  2. I recently finished Speak. It was amazing. Wow, that guy should get off his duff and read it before he took everything out of context!

    Black Disaster Fairy


  3. Hello! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Yours looks awesome, and I will definitely be looking at it often :D. I am now a new follower.

    I will be reading Speak soon. W/o other peoples opinions, I doubt there's anything just terribly wrong in that book.

    Thanks again,


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    Group Blog

  4. Ha! I love this idea. :)
    Thanks for stopping by and following. And I love me somesteampunkery, too, so you've got yourself a follower as well.
    Awww, bloglove.

  5. I liked that book. :)

    Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog design.

  6. That's a great teaser, and the book cover is so eye-catching.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. I haven't read this but I enjoyed the movie. Great teaser.

  8. So I hope you will forgive my sucky hopping skills and being totally behind in them. After the whole article came out against Speak I had to, of course, see what the fuss was about. Plus, nobody can tell me not to read a book, so it was even more fun buying it. I personally don't think the guy even read the book. Creeper! If anyone gets jollies out of that rape scene, they should probably seek help. As in help involving a large locked building with 24 hour surveillance and counseling. Excellent blog! Anyone who is a friend to the steampunk world is a friend of mine! I'm a new follower.

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  9. It is delightful to see so much interest in my blog after only a few days :)

    *Scientist swoons*

    I declare that I will try hard not to let you down.

    Mad Scientist

  10. I only clicked on this because I recognised Kato...

    Doctor Steel for World Emperor!


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