Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Addiction.... HUGE ADDICTION

I've come to the conclusion that I am addicted to books!

You may ask... How?

Well, it was fairly simple.

Walk into my humble chateau and you will see that I am simply lacking a library,
because books have wiggled their way into every space there is!

I should warn you that I just moved into this place (in November)
so all my books are in horrid disarray because I have no idea how to organize all of them!

Walk in and you see this shelf above the window.
(It was left here and I think it was lazy of them to not put up a curtain but it works for my books)
My desk... with my beloved touchscreen!
Built in living room bookshelf with shells & Buddhas.
Living room bookcase full of... I'm not sure, lots of romance?
The top of my entertainment center.
Night stand that is no where near my bed 0.o
Book shelf behind my door & stack of huge books and texts.
Pile of books on my bedroom TV stand that has no TV on it.  LOL!
The bottom of my head board shelf.  Scary!
The primal reading spot.  
(I really just hide in here to get a few minutes away from the wee ones.)
The only bookcase that looks nice... my headboard :)

Notice I didn't say and lastly!

I still have books I have yet to move into this place!!!
(Nor did I mention the 200+ books on my Nook)

Yes, crazy!  All of these images of evidence leads me to the conclusion that I am addicted!

*It did take a long time to gather all of these books & I pass along lots of books to family and friends.*

Now this problem leads me to the fact that I will not get all of these read for a very long long time.
Not only that but I have no clue on how I should go about organizing them now that they are all in a mess!

How should the Mad Scientist go about creating an organized library?

I was also thinking about posting a few books a week to see what you have to say about them.
No good, donate, must read, why don't you send that one to me.

What do you think?

I need to clean off my shelves and make room for new books!


  1. Wow! I thought my place had books everywhere. :) Gotta love the bathroom. lol I have some lying on top like that as well. I wouldn't have any idea where to begin on sorting something like that out. I usually start by if they're in series I put those together, and then kind of go from there. It's so neat to be able to see how everyone else has their books arranged or stored around their houses. Mine's coming close to not having anymore room left on the built in bookcases. :)

  2. Give them to meeee! I"m weird about organizing my books >.> I like to sort them by height order... I'm told this is not a good way to organize them so someday I will organize them by author...

    You might want to organize by genre? Put only 1 genre in each section. Then by author... Keep the hardcovers separate from the paperbacks because it's easier to pack more books when books are the same size-ish.

    Keep a small space on your headboard for books you plan on reading soon.

    Sniffly Kitty
    Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books
    Loving the Reviews Challenge

  3. Yep, agree you're addicted. I currently have ONE partly filled bookshelf and some old books in a tupperware container.

    My OCD is kicking in, all I want to do is transport through this pictures and neatly color coordninate your books ( yer, I not so big on last names etc. colour is the best way to organise!)

  4. Oh dear, you need some professional help. I mean of course the help of a good, professional and not so expensive carpenter. ;p.

    Order your library shelves and while waiting for them sort your books into three piles: one pile - books I can't live without.Never. Second pile: books I can perhaps live without but somehow I am still unsure. They might or might not go in the future. Third pile - you guessed- books I can rid of and never think about them again. Pack them and make your friends/ family/neighbours or fav charity shops happy.

    Then, as your fantastic new shelves arrive plan a quiet weekend (or two) and amuse you and your cat with a new game - putting books in order. Any order will do as long as it is orderly.

    You might also want to buy a small bathroom shelf for your primal read favourites. ;)))))

  5. Oh wow! I actually don't have a huge amount of books, since I usually use the library. But it's my dream to have just as many books as you someday. I love how they're strewn about the house.

    If I were you, I'd organize them by genre and then alphabetize each category. It'll be a hassle, but worth it in the end.

  6. Welcome to the club cherie! I recommend my Amazon store for enabling! And, a Kindle goes a long way to hiding our little problem.
    Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust
    email: steph@fangswandsandfairydust.com
    twitter: @fangswandsfairy

  7. I'm a book hoarder, too! It's ridiculous haha I have far too many, and yet I keep getting more! :)

  8. I thought I was bad - wait til I show everyone how bad IS bad ;)

    There comes a time when you have to really think about books you hoarded for no reason and books you actually have a chance of reading. While the latter is more common, I had some success with weeding out books and donating a few boxes to the library - I'm sure they were happy that they weren't dimestore romances or cookbooks!

    I think some organize by authors. I tend to shove mine all over and litter the bedroom floor, but haphahazardly I like to separate by all-time favorites, to review, to read, and to giveaway.

  9. I see nothing wrong. Hm... don't get it. Looks perfectly normal to me. ;)

  10. Those wicked books are chasing you ;) Love it! Such a delightful addiction to have :)

  11. wow oh wow I think you have a problem lol . First step is admiting so congrats to you. I think it's time to get an Ebook Reader it saves alot of space. Or you can also host a giveaway that will definately help clear out some space

    I organize by my favorite series on the top shelf and everything else
    by authors last name goodluck.

  12. I have to say if I had my own place it would probably look like yours lol. I am in need of at least 1 more bookshelf probably 2

  13. MS, I don't know what you are talking about, as you know, I think it looks like you don't have enough books. Yes, organization would be nice. You already know, I think author last name is the best because they are WAY easier to find that way, but I still think that you should have a favorites bookshelf that you should do by color because it's so fun and PRETTY. And you know how my dorkiness runs with things like that.

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  14. Oh hon...this looks so much like my book collection, it's scary. Im' pretty sure I have more books to read than I have years left to live...


  15. I have this problem too! If you get any good tips! Please pass them along! :)

  16. OH man, my books used to like that too. I had them everywhere! Don't worry about getting addicted, I have a word for that its called B.O.D. Book Obsession Disorder. Apparently all of us book bloggers have it. So no biggie, your not alone.

  17. I'm a bookaholic too. I keep a list of the books I own on a spreadsheet in my computer, organized by author, series and title. When someone borrows or returns one I put that in there too. At last count I own over 1200 books. Twice a year I go through and weed out, getting rid of the books I will never read again and taking them to my local used bookstore. He takes what he wants, in return for store credit and the rest I donate to a local book drive. I have 8 large bookcases and keep the books alphabetized by author. I do have to stack some sideways in order to have room. It was horrible when I moved, but you'll get there.

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