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Invincible - March 22nd 2011

If I have not made myself clear about my fan status for Sherrilyn Kenyon, now would be a grand time to state my love of her books.  
The Mad Scientist is a Huge Sherrilyn Kenyon Fan!!
I adore The League Series especially Born of Night with Nykyrian & Kiara.  Admittedly, the Mad Scientist is a fan of the Dark Hunter Series as well.   Perhaps there is not much surprise.  I am hard pressed to find a reader of romance that does not swoon over her Dark Hunters.  If not one, it is more likely it is over all of them.  

While reading this series my mind reeled with the idea of having a book just about Nick, Squire to the charming Kyrian from Night Pleasures.  Personally, I was beside myself when Sherrilyn announced not only a book about Nick but a whole series!

Shaking in my boots with anticipation I also had my doubts due to the Chronicles of Nick being launched as a Young Adult Series.  Her adult series has me in love that the young adult jump had my loyalty falter for a moment.  

Infinity was wonderful but in a way that is very different to why I love her novels to begin with.  On March 22nd I will be in line with the second in the series in my arms!  
I can Hardly wait!!
*Review of Chronicles of Nick: Infinity to come,  Re-Reading just before I pick up Invincible.*

Chapter One Exerpt:

They say when you’re about to die, you see your entire life flash before your eyes.

They lied.

The only thing Nick Gautier could see flashing was Kyrian Hunter’s vampire fangs. That horrifying sight froze him in place on the elegant mahogany staircase at the front of Kyrian’s sprawling antebellum mansion.

I’m going to die...


Yeah, since he’d attempted to go to school about twenty-two hours ago and had found out his principal had been eaten by a zombie, everything and its brother had been after him.

Now his friggin boss was a vampire.

It figured. So much for his paycheck, unless the devil could cash it he’d never see a nickle out of it.

Would this day ever end?

Dude, right now, you’re the one who’s about to end. That thought finally shattered the terrified fog in his head that had held him immobile.

Run, dude, run!

He couldn’t go downstairs cause that was where Kyrian stood. The only place to run was upstairs, after his mother who’d already gone into the bedroom Kyrian had loaned them for the night- she was completely oblivious to the fact that they were in mortal danger and that their blood was about to be drained. He spun around to warn her.

“Nick! Wait!”

Wait, my gluteus maximus. Vampire was shy a few quarts of blood if he thought Nick had any intention of not going Casper on him.
I’m too young, too smart and too good-looking to die. Yeah, and then some. They needed him to improve the gene pool. Not to mention, at fourteen he hadn’t even had his first date yet. He’d only just, this night, had his first kiss. He should have recognized that alone as a sign that the apocalypse was coming and that his death was imminent.

As he neared the top of the stairs, Kyrian jumped straight up from the floor twenty feet below and flipped over the shiny railing to land gracefully in front of him and cut off his escape. Kyrian’s black eyes flashed in the shadows. Dressed all in black and at over six feet in height, Kyrian made a deadly, impressive sight even with his boyish blond curls.

There was no way to get past him.


Nick skidded to a halt. What should he do now? His mom was in a bedroom a few feet behind Kyrian. He’d yell for her, but the last thing he wanted was for Kyrian to kill her too. Maybe if he kept quiet, Kyrian would only drain him.

“It’s not what you think, Nick.”

Yeah, right. “I think you’re a bloodsucking demon vampire who’s going to kill me, that’s what I think.”

Before he could so much as blink, Kyrian reached out and grabbed his neck with some kind of Vulcan death grip. He wanted to fight, but he was as helpless as a pup being held by the scruff. With the inhuman strength you’d expect from the undead, Kyrian hauled him past his mother’s temporary bedroom and into Kyrian’s upstairs office.

Like the rest of the house, the floor to ceiling curtains were drawn shut to protect against the dawning sun- something that should have clued Nick in the first moment he'd stepped into the house that Kyrian was a ghoul. The dark wood of the desk blended in seamlessly with the dark green walls.

Without breaking stride, Kyrian flung him into his black leather chair.

When he started to bolt, Kyrian slammed him back into it. “Stop a minute and listen. I know I’m asking the impossible from you, but for once in your life, shut your mouth and open your ears.”

“I’m not the one talking.”

Kyrian glared at him. “Don’t get smart with me.”

“You want me stupid?”


Nick held his hands up. “Fine, just don’t eat my mom, okay? She’s had a bad enough life without becoming the Bride of Dracula.”

“I don’t drink blood.”

He arched a brow at that. “Yeah, right.”

“Yeah, right. I don’t. I’m not a vampire.”

This from the one with the freaky long canines? “Then what’s with your peculiar dental problem, huh? And don’t even try to tell me they’re fake, Mr. Armani suits and fancy car, cause you ain’t the type to have false ones and all that also says you have the money to fix them if you wanted to. Not to mention the fact you don’t go out in daylight and how did you ninja flip up the stairs just now if you’re not one of the undead?”

“I’m gifted.” 

Next Two Appearances!
Apr 26 , 2011; 6:00 PM
Bloomington, MN,
Mall of America Signing Born of Shadows launch
Venue: Booksigning
Location: Mall of America 60 E. Broadway

Apr 27 , 2011; 7:00 PM
Oak Brook, IL,
Chicago Born of Shadows Tour
Venue: Booksigning
Location: Barnes and Noble

I leave you with this trailer of Chronicles of Nick: Invincible!
Your Local & Global 
Mad Scientist!


  1. I want this so badly too!
    I'll be waiting with you too.
    And perfectly agree with you about everyone swooning over the Dark Hunters. Dammit for them all being taken.
    Nina xxx

  2. I haven't started this series yet, but it's obvious that I really need to!!

  3. I might get hooked too - your post has some addictive properties!

  4. Sounds like an author I need to take a closer look at! Thanks! :)


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