Thursday, April 19, 2012

Personal Travel No. 4 ---> Fubo Shan Park

I'm sorry it has been such a long time my lovelies!

Talon and I have settled into our apartment in China nicely. Teaching has been a surprise. Fun and annoying all in the same. I also picked up a small tutoring job on Thursday nights.

A few days after we were all settled my iPhone decided it wanted to commit electronic suicide. I've been left with no real access to the full Internet. Blogger, Facebook, and goodreads are all banned sites here in China.

I have three more months here in Guilin. Please bear with me. I'm alive and still love reading ;)

Here is a little something from one of our recent adventures.

Fubo Shan is located next to the Li River. A top the mountain you will see some amazing views of the river as well as Guilin itself.

Also, within the park is Thousand Buddha Cave. There are many Buddha carved into the walls and statues all over ranging from different dynasties.

Some pictures...

1. Talon in the thousand men pot. A pot big enough to make rice for 1000 men.

2. Talon climbing the steps up the mountain.

3. Talon looking out over the Li River.

4. Statue of some crazy guy I should know to welcome everyone to the park.

5. Talon standing inside the lucky red teapot.

6. Pretty flowers. All different kinds are blooming in the area lately.


  1. Sounds amazing.
    May I ask who the young man is?

  2. Hey love bug! I'm so glad you've settled in. It looks like Talon is having a blast and learning a ton of new things. We miss you tons and can't wait for all your updates when you get back! :) *hugs*

  3. Ive been wondering about you! I don't have my iphone anymore either so wasn't on instagram but it sounds like you weren't there anyway. Surviving without any real Internet? Yikes! I'm glad you found a way to update us and that you're okay!

    Inspired partially by you we started watching a series called Wild China. It has hour long episodes about the different parts of China. I'm loving learning more about the country and where you are is so gorgeous! My aunt says that part of China was one of her favorites. But watching the show got my husband to grudgingly say he would visit. Just not the cities so much....

    I'm glad we got to hear from you!!!!

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