Thursday, December 13, 2012

Swell Book Tour ---> Review

I'm once again very happy to be apart of the Swell tour that is being hosted by my
dear blogger friend, Candace over at Candace's Book Blog.

(Even though my computer just gave me a headache, why must it turn itself off in the middle of something?)

 By Julie Rieman Duck
224 Softcover Pages 
Published on the 1st of September this 2012

Concoction of a Small Review:

Does one pick up a book to be surprised?  Does one pick up a book to enter the world from another's point of view?  Does one pick up a book for a epic journey?

This book will keep you your toes.  What was I expecting?  Nothing of what I read!  

The writing was unique.  The beginning was a bit of foreshadowing... until what can be said, the point in Rebecca's life where she might of been slapped by life.  Many of us hit those rock bottom points and figure out that we are not living in the right way.  Prior to this she was living the alcoholics dream, not a situation any person should be in, especially for a boy. 

One good thing about contemporaries... I hope someone today can pull from them and apply lessons to their own lives.

Yet, throughout the book I found it hard to really be overly mad at Christian for pressuring her so much.  The author didn't build this boy to be unlikable   Which is probably a problem for some girls today.  

One can say that this is really not a fluffy book.  It takes you on one long emotional train through Rebecca's situations.  You feel for her and at one point I'm sure I yelled out loud at her.  Ok, several times.  The characters hook you in and the writing style keeps you there and the hard taboo issues makes you want to be there for them.

What I great book!  I highly recommend this one!
Albeit with a warning!

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Candace reads all of the books before she promotes them.
I think she has some good taste in books.

Thanks for stopping by.

I hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season Thus far!

Your Blogosphere Mad Scientist!!


  1. Thanks for the lovely shout out!
    I have found it interesting to see all the different opinions about Christian. Most have said they found him to be a despicable human being. But I'm with you. I felt sorry for him and couldn't find myself hating him. I pitied him because he was so weak, but I felt bad for him too. But I thought it worked well because that's how it is. A boy doesn't have to be evil to be bad for you.
    Thanks for the wonderful review!

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