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Mini Post {3}

There are so many different short stories, novellas, and quickies that I felt a need, or a desire if you will, to feature some of the ones that I pick up and devour in between loads of laundry, waiting for the boys to come home, & during those nights where I wake up for no good reason for an hour.  A few minutes to spare in surprising situations.
(I'd just like to just share that they will not always be adult Mini's.)

How Beauty Met The Beast
Tales of the Underlight #1 

How Beauty Met the Beast (Tales of the Underlight, #1)
By: Jax Garren 
Published  By:  Carina Press
Publish Date:  Nov. 19th 2012
Pages: 152 ebook
Tags:  Adult, Romance, Retelling, Paranormal Urban Fantasy, Fantasy Fiction
Source:  NetGalley

A Short Concoction of a Review

The Mad Scientist needs to express that I did really enjoy this retelling of Beauty and the Beast.  However, I do feel the need to point out that just because there were a few words dropped of the Steampunkery sort does not mean it is Steampunk.  There is much potential and I am looking forward to seeing the author expand on the Underlight World!  Machinery, underground living & magic!
Now that I put the heavy before the tea let us move to the good parts of How Beauty Met The Beast. 

Jax Garren does a wonderful job at creating a BEASTMany characters in the beast role have very little contributing the the beast aspect.  Not in this case.  Ex army ranger Hauk is badly scared from a fire over 80% of his body.  It does not take a Mad Scientist to know that this man is also very emotionally injured.  He is now agent for the Underlight who are working against the Order of Ananke.    

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Jolie wants to add a bit of fantasy to her life as a heiress .  She tries her hand at Burlesque dancing.  After her first show she is beside herself, in a good flustered way.  Behind a curtain she changes.  Her sight is blocked from the curtain but her sensitive nerves are firing at some serious fantasy plays out.

Jolie lives in the highlife of a big modern city.  Meanwhile, Hauk is living under this city with many others who are opposed to the oppressiveness up top.

Crossing paths in a series means that the tension can build up over a course of time instead of insta love.  It will be that much more worth it!  *waggles eyebrows* More Hauk and Jolie is coming soon!

** Thanks to NetGalley & Carina Press for the ability to read & review this book which so ever did not influence or bend my thoughts in any manner.  All Mad thoughts are presented in the right mind of a twisted brain of the Mad Scientist!**

4.0 Blasts --->  Most Desirable

Of course one could never feel bad about getting in a quick story
saving a beloved tree that someone will one day read under!


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