Wednesday, May 15, 2013

eBook Review --> Clockwork Mafia

By: Seleste DeLaney
Source: Netgalley
Rating: ☆★☆

Concoction of an Review:

This book had a great adventure within the pages. At times MS was at edge waiting to know what happened.  

Our Corset wearing lady, Henerietta, was stuck between wanting to be apart of a prim and proper society that does not except her & that of the world of which she is already apart of.  That being the rough world of the Badlands were fugitives are taken & as a medical doctor aboard a dirigible of which she holds the titleship too.

Mafia is brought into her life via her father's scientific research with cogs and gears.  She is now is danger so much so that handsome Marshall, Carson, who makes her spinster heaet go pitty pat has fought countless dangers to warn her. 

Ah, fair hero is surprised that she holds her own in the face of danger that such a beautiful lady should not endure.

A good mix of Steampunkery, feminism, mystery & adventure.   It was a fair read, however, I felt it took me ages to finish.  I am quite unsure of it being due to traveling or if the story was rather slow to unfold. 

MS shall give this book 3 solid blasts!

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