Sunday, September 29, 2013

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Mad Scientist has seen This Song Will Save Your Life around the most wonderful bookish blogs. So many good reviews have been devoured.  Plus this book contains musical influences.  Lots of music!

Due to this I quickly put this book on request at the local library.  Much feelings of luck swelled from within this bolted up heart because it came to me from inter-library loan so very very quick!  The book Gods are listening!  Now who wouldn't enjoy a quick request of such a wildly beloved book?  

Now to find out why it is so beloved!

Moving it UP to the tippy top of the Mount TBR pile... MS opened up the beautiful cover the start in on the inky goodness.  Late last night into today.  Within a few hours I was nearly done with this YA Contemporary book.  

I can see why so many people seem to have loved This Song Will Save Your Life even if it is on the sad side.  What are your thoughts?

Have you read this Leila Sales other book Past Perfect?
- – I requested from the library.
Do you have any YA Contemporary books to recommend?  Or books with a music theme?


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