Wednesday, January 15, 2014

eBook Review ---> The Engineered Throne

By: Megan Derr
Published  By:  Less Than Three Press
Publish Date:  Nov. 13th 2013
Pages: 346 ebook
Tags:  Adult, Fantasy Fiction, War, M/M Romance, Dragons, Stand Alone

Concoction of a Review:

The Engineered Throne just blew the Mad Scientist nearly out of her corset. Every little while when updating my progress on GoodReads there was little to say other than how much in love with the book MS was. Which was throughout the whole of the novel. Truly.

Vellem is a young gentleman who is head of the 21st Regiment, the Army Corps of Engineers who pride themselves as being the best engineers who can bring into existence as well as dismantle with use of ogre powder. Thrusting himself into his work he gradually made himself a remarkable name known throughout the lands. Due to his engineering exploits Vellem's role turns out to be paramount to the plot. 

His eldest brother & Minister to the King, Koit, arranged for Vellem to marry Perdith, a young princeling with only a slight chance of sitting on the throne, so that previous animosity between two kingdoms can attempt peace. 
"Small breakfast room. I never realized how right I was to call you a hopelessly spoiled little brat."  14% 
The plot is mostly action driven within a detailed world which kept all lulls at bay. MS was scrolling at such a swift rate one might have feared the lacy gloves would gain several more holes. Assassination attempts galore, mass killings, battles, and MS does so enjoy a good military skirmish. One cannot be prim and proper all the days of such a long year. 

Here is how the Mad Scientist pictures Vellem & Perdith:
The hardcore romance was missing. However, this would be one of those reasons MS did enjoy the book. There were bouts of worry & anxiety between Vellem & Perdith. Small bits of hate & growth between them that turned into desire. Their development from arranged marriage to devotion was a perfect fit more so than falling into each others arms as strangers. 
"You are mad."
"I have been accused of that, yes," 92%
Megan Derr created an alternative historical world wherein two men being together was not prejudiced by others. Wherein dragons chirp and love flowers. Wherein sabotage and traitors had MS engrossed late into night. It has been entirely too long since MS has lost sleep over a book.  
"He gladly took a swallow of coffee to wash away the taste of sweet flowers."  56%
MS does look forward to more inky goodness by Megan Derr. Howbeit, warning is due. Tis being an advanced copy the copy editing is a touch tarnished with a few mistakes here and there. Nonetheless, this did not hinder my enjoyment.

** Thanks to Netgalley! All Mad thoughts are presented in the right mind of a twisted brain of the Mad Scientist!**

5.0 Blasts --->  A Proper Book Indeed!

Pan on ReReading this one several times over!


  1. Lovely review! It sounds like I really must add it to the wishlist and read it at some point in the future!

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