Saturday, March 1, 2014

ARC Book Review ---> The High Druid's Blade

The Defenders of Shannara #1
By: Terry Brooks
Published  By:  Del Rey
Publish Date:  March 11th 2014
Pages: 320 Hardcover
Tags:  Adult, Fantasy Fiction, Magic, Series

Concoction of a Review:

The High Druid's Blade is not only the first of a new series stemming off of The Dark Legacy series following 150 years after the previous book in the Shannara novels but it is also the first Terry Brooks for the Mad Scientist. 

A young Paxon Leah lives what he considers to be a dull life. Dreaming of something more then the family business and watching for his dear mother and sister. Until his sister, Chrys, is unfortunately kidnapped by Arcannen, an evil sorcerer. He may want his old life back but things will never be the same again. 
Here is how the Mad Scientist pictures Paxon:

During his heroic rescue he found out that the family heirloom blade does indeed wield magic from his descendants. Turns out his blood line from the Omsfords & Leahs was unique beyond even his desires.  

Paxon is soon asked to come to the city of Paranor to learn how to hone and command the magic of his blade.
"Small breakfast room. I never realized how right I was to call you a hopelessly spoiled little brat."  14% 
The story does take a few moments to open up and get into world. The plot is mostly action driven with tendency toward flourished curves & various headings. Be that as it may some of these whirling turns are predictable. Although, it does not take away from the adventure that is a foot!

"You are mad."
"I have been accused of that, yes," 92%

"He gladly took a swallow of coffee to wash away the taste of sweet flowers."  56%
Overall, MS did feel like it was another fantasy novel where one trains magical ability wherein they venture forth on quests. Albeit this series does have profound potential. Looking forward to more quests and more about the previous of those before him. 

For in the future MS does look forward to the next in the series and perhaps going back in time to grab the first of the Shannara series by dear Terry Brooks. 

** Thanks to Netgalley! All Mad thoughts are presented in the right mind of a twisted brain of the Mad Scientist!**

3.0 Blasts --->  A Desirable Book


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