Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blog Tour ---> Broken Arrows

Today the Mad Scientist is taking part in another wonderful blog tour & it is a pleasure for Mad Steam to be one of the lovely stops on Broken Arrows Blog Tour by Chelsey Butler.

If you fancy yourself taking on a fun book for a future tour contact the lovely Candace at Candace's Book Blog & CBB Book Promotions.  Candace is an excellent host & only recommends books that she has read and enjoyed herself. If you have not noticed MS does enjoy being apart of the tours.


Broken Arrows
The Cupid Chronicles #1
By: Chelsey Butler
Publish Date:  Feb. 6th 2014
Pages: 174 ebook
Tags:  Fantasy Fiction, Mythology,  Young Adult, Paranormal
Source:  Candace's Book Promotions
Concoction a Review:

Broken Arrows is a fantasy fiction book you did not know you were looking for. The humor is plenty, the characters are enjoyable and the plot was great. Of course, MS did not read the synopsis so perhaps this may be the cause of an extra pleasing shock but either way it is going to join my pile of books that Candace has sent my way & MS has enjoyed more than expected.  (The pile is huge.)

If you are a reader... Do not doubt Candace's way of handing you a recommendation. Most likely you will love. 

Broken Arrows Inn is owned by Cari, a young lady with some close friends, a broken heart, and a history of botching love potions. Yes, you read correctly. Love potions. Back when MS was young I do believe my want of a love potion was high. However, now MS finds single life to be strong and beautiful. Plus, the high rate of probability of not working out makes it not worth the mess. One must not get their lacy gloves full of mess.  

Cari, is a descendant of Cupid. How beautiful! *blushes* a cute little cupid. However, not so in this story. Cupid is a father. A father who has past before he hand enough time to teach Cari all that she needs to know about matching people and mixing the potions held within a huge book. 

Toss in her broken heart love interest.  Mike left town, married and now he is back. Divorced & working on the local police force.  Cari swore she would not speak of him to her friends Roxy & Hope.  Yet, he seems to be popping up around all kinds of corners.

The best fun and an event that MS would love to attend is being held by Cari at her lovely Broken Arrows Inn, a Murder Mystery weekend. *grin* Would MS be the doctor to pronouce the victim deceased or the murderer? Hmm... 

You may not believe in Cupid but MS does believe this is fun book that you will enjoy. 

** Thanks to Candace's Book Promotions for the ebook. However, all Mad thoughts are presented in as right of mind a twisted brain can be inside of this Mad Scientist!**

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About the Author

Chelsey Butler was born and raised near Fort Worth, Texas. She still lives in north Texas with her husband and four daughters, but she rebels against the Texan stereotype. She loves God, her family, and all things involving books, and is a self-proclaimed nerd, a history buff, and vintage enthusiast. She also writes young adult fantasy under the name S.G. Tillery. Chelsey loves hearing from her fans and encourages them to find her on Facebook.

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Candace at Candace's Book Blog & CBB Book Promotions is an excellent host! Stop by if you are interested in being apart of future Bookish delights tours.


  1. So glad you enjoyed this one! Thank you so much for hosting a tour stop and sharing your thoughts!

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