Sunday, June 1, 2014

Insta Mad Steam {1}

Wherein, a Mad Scientist shares instagram photography & tales of my many ADVENTURES!!!!!!
This beautiful place can be found in my kitchen. MS had a hankering to test the allergies by bringing in some lilacs. 

Only a few sneezed ensued but the house smelled ever so lovely.

A cousin has been pestering me for days to pick up a bag of yarn. MS found herself lacing up the walking boots for a small 3 mile round trip walk to procure the bag in question. Later that afternoon.... 

Vintage yarn from Norway!

It has been ages since my face has been in Wanderlove. Enjoying the ARC so, the purchase has finally been made for a reRead. How has it taken this long??

Please do drop by my book review of Wanderlove from 2011.  
Presently, it is only 7.14 for the Kindle.

This flower just screamed vivid color. Of course, one must oblige when there is such a becoming bloom in front of a camera.

Found while waiting for my wee minion's coach bus to arrive from a long field trip to the Wisconsin State Capital, Madison. 

This was a bad day... The kind when you want to run away from your family and never return type of day. Leaving the house at 8.30am MS did not return until 2.30pm. In which MS spent those hours cutting grass at the cemetery. Who runs to a cemetery??

My amazing phone told MS she walked nearly 9 miles that day. 
Ending with 8.7 miles equalling 20,286 steps. 

One of those amazing visits to the best friends house, in Madison, Wisconsin. A short 3.5 hour drive happens often.  On this day MS was bright and chipper before everyone else in the house. 

Taking advantage of the quiet and beautiful plants the boys helped plant MS tip toed out for a few pages. 

One of my other hobbies. Food. Yum happens much more often than the 8+ mile walk. However, these blueberry muffins were whipped up for some late breakfast goodness at the friends house. 

Wheat flour, organic blueberries & organic sugar made these muffins just too delicious.  
To Die For Blueberry Muffins Recipe found at AllRecipes

Add me ;)


Happy June!


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