Sunday, September 11, 2011

In where Guilin, China was my Home

{Part 1}

The Fabric Market
The 30 bus dropped you off right in front of the fabric market in Guilin.  There are rows and piles of all kinds of fabric.  Some prints, solids, puffy glittery stuff.  You name it they had it.  Families live and raise their kids in this market.  Kids were sitting on piles of fabric playing cards and old ladies were taking a nap on top of their piles. I did not get an uptight feel when I walked in.  However, I could live without the musty type of smell.

Swimming :)
I have no idea what this swimming area is called.  This area is off the river.  The whole swimming area is where locals hang out when it is hot out.  The bottom is all level and cemented.  So no matter where you swam to it was all the same depth.  I admit it was nice to know, yet it didn't help because I couldn't touch the bottom without going under.  *sigh*

Mountain Climbing
Wow, I'm in a compromising position.   One of the people who lived in Guilin for 8 years said he knew someone who ran the mountain climbing place.  A few from my group jumped on the opportunity to go.  So, there I be.  Mad Scientist stuck on the side of the wall like Peter Parker.

Sun and Moon Pagodas
These two lovely pagodas sit floating in the water from this area.  They look like they are from the Quing dynasty or something of that sort.  However, I found out that they are relatively new.  It draws in tourist.  Surprisingly, Guilin is a huge local (Chinese) tourist destination.

It is said that the larger yellow pagoda is represents the sun and the smaller white pagoda represents the moon.

I am unclear as to why or what the rest of the story is behind them.

I hope you enjoyed a bit of the city I stayed in for three weeks this summer.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself in Guilin.

I hope to get another Guilin post up for you this week :)


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  2. Those pagodas are gorgeous. I'm so jealous. Well, I'm not jealous of being stuck on a wall, that looked a bit uncomfortable. But of everything else...just wow. And just think, you're going to be living among all of this! How exciting for you!

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