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Book Review ---> Bite Me by Parker Blue

Bite Me (Demon Underground, #1)

Bite Me
   (Demon Underground #1)

By:  Parker Blue
Published By:   Bell Bridge Books
Published Date:  September 30th 2008
Pages:   Softcover 229
Read:  October 2011
Book Cover Rating:  3
Tags:  Young Adult, Urban Fantasy, Supernatural, Demons, Fantasy Fiction, Paranormal

First Lines:   The stench of rotting garbage filled my nostrils as I scoured the dark streets of San Antonio for something to take the edge off. 
Concoction of a Review:

Vampire Hunter/Slayer is not a new concept.  However, I have not watched or read any of Buffy so I will not be comparing at all. 

The young Val Shapiro is the vampire hunter within Bite Me who is girl who is trying to find herself among a world she does not feel apart of.  One thing stands in the way... she is part demon.  Lola is the other side of Val, who has to feed and she loves lust from men.

Val found a way to dampen her powers from the demon blood in slaying vampires.  Using her unique status to keep her city safer.  Meanwhile, it is enough to keep the sassy Lola in check.  Yet, Val was still scorned by her family.

Here is how I picture Val Shapiro:  As Vanessa Hudgens... 
As we headed out toward the parking lot, Dan said "Why don't we take the truck?  It's less conspicuous."

He had a point.  With Fang sitting on the back of my motorcycle in his goggles we were more likely to draw attention than divert it.

[Fang the hellhound says] YEAH, THAT'S 'CAUSE I'M SMOKIN'!

She was used as a escape goat for things that went wrong.  Continually being blamed for anything that goes wrong.  Finally, she was told to stay away from her family.  

What was my favorite part of the book you may ask?  The Hellhound!!      *gasps*    Fang has his own personality who really brings some humor to the book.  Their interactions cut the seriousness at times and brought a smile to my face more then once and laughing out loud.

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Overall, nonstop heroine action.  Great fight scenes!!  Intertwine that with fun sideline characters makes it a fun book.  The Mad Scientist will be looking forward to book two and three!   Try Me & Fang Me!!  

*Free ARC from NetGalley which did not impede on my Mad Review.  It is completely honest and full of my thoughts on the book. *

4 Blasts --->  Most Desirable
A fun but not original story of young supernatural gal who is trying to find her place.  Nonstop action and fun fight scenes.    

  • Morbid Romantica - Tortured Hero
  • 111 in '11


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