Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mad's Travel Odyssey {3}

The Mad Scientist LOVES to TRAVEL as much as I LOVE to READ!

Here is a place where I can add my photos & tell stories of my ADVENTURES!!!!!!
Mad's Travel Tip
It is best to make sure you have a color copy of your passport in a different location then from your passports.  It is also wise to have pictures of your passport somewhere electronic. (email or smartphone)  If you are uncomfortable with that then you can leave a scanned copy with someone you trust in the US in case of extreme emergencies. 

The Mad Scientist has now been in Thailand for a about 10 days now.

Oh, how I deeply love this country!

Here are a few pictures to share from just a two hour walk through Lak Si, Bangkok to find a ATM and some shampoo.  I have more pictures but these are the ones that Mad really feels can bring Bangkok to you.

All pictures taken with the Sony Nex 5n.

 Town home area where I have a room with a good friend.

My friend, Max, mentioned that this row of scooters (that goes on and on) is abandoned due to drunk driving accidents.

 Mad does spend much time off the beaten path.  You can tell because heads where flying to look at me, a foreigner, in their area.  This is real as real as it gets.
 My son and chickens.  I am unsure as if these are for cock fights or dinner.

A path that we found next to a canal.
Mad Scientist loves Buddhism and all the amazing things that go with it.
 I took a path next to a canal to find this street of ATM's, shops and street stalls at the end.  Goal achieved!
 Doors the gateways to our lives.
The actual last picture of our adventure of the day!
Semi shacks along a small canal.  Pretty and dirty all in the same.

I really hope that you enjoyed this picture Adventure!

Next time I will have pictures from Songkran the water festival in SiSaKet, Thailand.

If any questions occur that you might have about travel...

How do I afford it?
What not to take?

and any other thoughts. 
Please do ask and I might be able to answer and help.

I hope to inspire others to travel!

If you have instagram you can add me ;)
I have various other pictures as I do things on instagram.

Happy Traveling!
I have a new picture ;)


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