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Book Review ---> The Master's Book

Today Mad Scientist has an extra special Book Review. MS is taking part of the most wonderful Blog Tour. 

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The Master's Book
By: Philip Coleman
Published:  MuseItUp Publishing
Publish Date:  March 15th 2013
Pages: 236 ebook
Tags:  Middle Grade, Mystery, Young Adult 
Source:  Candace's Book Promotions
Concoction of a Review:

Where does the Mad Scientist start? The cover is beyond ugly. MS is probably not the only one thinking of an 80's Ozzy Ozbourne music album. However, this is forgivable & also reiterates that one must not judge a book by its cover. *wink*

This middle grade mystery was a wonderful read, truly. At first MS thought she would never make the tour date but the pages flipped faster then even the Mad Scientist could of hoped for.

Sean is an quiet shy Irish boy who has recently moved to Brussels. Being a young boy and moving to a new country he was quickly befriended by Stephanie who is on the other hand very outspoken and aggressive young lady. She is also Belgian and Congolese  which has many do a double take within the book over her African decent. *shakes head* Ah, prejudice is far to woven into society. We must stop this. But it was dealt with tact and is a great subject to broach in a middle grade novel. 

Here MS pictures young Rupert Grint as Irish Sean:

The mystery starts before Sean & his family moved into an old home in Brussels where the owner was previously murdered. His mother was a bit outraged about learning this tidbit of information. Brushing this aside as to being in the past but secretly wishing he knew earlier so he could of told all of his friends about the event.  From there things spun out of control once Sean & Stephanie stumble upon a secret room in the basement containing a beautiful book.  

Twisting around the book is always the young Duchess of Burgundy. The historical element did not deter from the exciting mystery around the book. It gives it balance and edge for this book is not just a piece of art but full of priceless historic value. This intelligent duo searching for answers solving bits and pieces until the mystery came to a clean close. Brilliant detectives they turned out to be. While they were digging themselves into the unknown we were getting a history lesson. Trust MS, you will not even know it.

My favorite part of the book is traveling through Brussels in the surrounding areas. Be prepared for some words that are not common in the English language. In fact, many languages are tossed into this book. Flemish to French but it was so effortless and flawless how the languages where transitioned into the book. 

The Master's Book is a whirl wind adventure not only for Sean & Stephanie but also the Mad Scientist. Such a lovely book that MS would not of stumbled upon herself but is so happy that this book was almost shoved into my hands with the best intentions.

** Thanks to Candace's Book Promotions for the ebook. However, all Mad thoughts are presented in as right of mind a twisted brain can be inside of this Mad Scientist!**
5.0 Blasts --->  Loved it!
A middle grade adventure that will have you on the edge of your reading chair and you tea refilled several times over since you wont be able to put it down!

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About the Author

Philip Coleman has worked as a biologist for most of his life—in Ireland, Belgium and now in Switzerland. Having been an avid reader all his life, he took up writing only in 2006. This is his first published novel. He drew his inspiration for the story from the period he spent working for the EU in Brussels. He has a grown-up son and daughter (who were roughly the same ages as Sean and Maeve during the time in Brussels but otherwise aren’t a bit like them at all!). He now lives in France. 

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  1. YAY! I'm so glad you loved this one too! I thought you'd like it and would appreciate the setting and issues presented. Wonderful review! Thanks so much for hosting a tour stop!

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