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Book Review ---> Shadows of Asphodel

Today Mad Scientist has an extra special Book Review. MS is taking part of the most wonderful Blog Tour. It has been awhile since taking on such an endeavor and it has been just lovely. Plus it is a Diesel Punk - Steampunk novel... indeed one can hardly say no to that. 

Candace at Candace's Book Blog & CBB Book Promotions is an excellent host! Stop by if you are interested in being apart of future Bookish delights tours.

Shadows of Asphodel #1

By: Karen Kincy
Published:  Createspace
Publish Date:  Sept. 13th 2013
Pages: 350 softcover
Tags:  Steampunk, Diesel Punk, Adult, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Series
Source:  Personal Nook Library
Concoction of a Review:

Mad Scientist bought this book straight away after seeing this beautiful cover posted on Candace's instagram. Yes, MS is admitting that she did indeed judge this book by its cover and knowing it was of the Steampunk - Dieselpunk sort. Plus, Candace has never failed me with a book recommendation! *With that being said, MS owned this book before I joined the tour and did not receive a free copy for my twisted opinion.*

Page turning excitement. One of those books that has plot twists galore and just so overly action packed that you cannot help but to read longer then you really should. Plenty of swordplay scenes. And Zeppelins! Oh, how does MS love a good stretch of air travel.

Ardis is an half Chinese magical sword wielding mercenary who is paid to keep the peace, paid to kill when it is called for. She is working for the archmages, during alternate pre World War 1 times where modern weaponry is useless under the veil of a magical hex. War may be upon them soon. MS wouldn't go so far as to say she is a kick butt assassin due to the many predicaments she gets herself into. But a worthy one still.

Here is how MS pictures Ardis (add blonde hair): 

Almost immediately in the story she finds a snarky Wendel among the wreck and bodies of a battle field. Dressed nicely she wants to capture him and collect the coins that would surly come for such a pretty head. After finding out that he is actually a necromancer in a most unusual way, she has bouts of disgust, fear and interest rack over her. A necromancer! MS was in love with the book from that point on. 
"Necromancy is fascinating,"he murmured. "There's a certain repulsive elegance about the magic. With it, I can recover memories long lost. I can speak to the dead who left this world days, weeks, even centuries ago."
Here is how MS pictures Wendel:

If you are not swoony over the fact that Wendel is a necromancer then maybe once you hear he swore his fealty to Ardis for "saving" his life you will be. Ever at her side. Ardis not wanting to be near one who has such deadly skills she still sets out on a quest that becomes more complex then thought. Conspiracy is uncovered. Which was not even the most shocking part.

Ardis seems to get over her disgust of Wendel's special talents to find out he is talented in other areas of manhood. Although, at times it was quit vexing how she was could barely stand the man then desire his touch. Who is the Mad Scientist to argue. Women are just complex I believe. 

Planet & Book Love <3
The Steampunkery, Diesel Punk, Alternate History was integrated in equal parts of wonderful. Actual historic events and places blend right into the novel beautifully. Gadgets and technology were spot on with Steampunk genre. MS must point out that Diesel Punk finds inspiration of the time period between 1920's - 1950's which includes World War 1. *Definitions differ throughout in subtle ways, sharing just basic knowledge.*

If you need more of a reason to read this book other then my beautiful review then let me just remind you that there is a necromancer in it! How often are you going to run into a hot necromancer? 

"This isn't the end," she said. "This is the beginning."

** Thanks to myself for buying such a book! All Mad thoughts are presented in as right of mind a twisted brain can be inside of this Mad Scientist!**

4.0 Blasts --->  Loved it!
Diesel Punk at its best! Read it! Now! Soon! Now!

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  1. I guess I missed the part where we were told she had blonde hair. It's been awhile since I read it too, but I've pictured her with black hair the whole time.
    I love the pictures you've added!
    And I'm so glad you enjoyed this! Thanks for hosting a tour stop!

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