Saturday, April 2, 2011

Book Review... Madame Tussaud by Michelle Moran

Madame Tussaud
A Novel of French Revolution

By:  Michelle Moran
Published By:  Crown Publishing Group
Published Date: Feb 15th 2011
eBook 481 (Nook)
Author Site:
Tags: Historical Fiction, French Revolution, 18th Century, France

Reason Why the Mad Scientist Picked Up This Book:  Why?  This Mad Scientist needed a bit of blood and gore to break up my YA binge.  Plus, all of the lovely blog reviews could not allow me to overlook this historical wonder!

First Line:  When she walks through the door of my exhibition, everything disappears:  the sound of the rain against the windows, the wax  models, the customers, even the children.

Concoction of a review:
     Michelle Moran's historical novel does not disappoint in bringing the history of the French Revolution to your imagination.  She did a splendid job doing research to show us the wonders of the 18th century France with all of its beauty which is twisted into a blood thirsty era without making the political aspect too stuffy. 

     Madame Tussaud   should bring images of impressible wonders of actors, diplomats, & newly beloved singers.   Madame Tussaud's may have been a talented artist, however, her life was much more then a wax exhibit.   

Dead Bodies from the French Revolution
     We walk the streets of Boulevard du Temple through the eyes of Madame Marie Grosholtz (maiden name).  She is a successful independent woman who helps her uncle, Philippe Curtis, run the Salon de Cire.  Madame Grosholtz not only was graced by meeting the royal Family, King Louis the XVI and Marie Antoinette, when they came to visit the Salon de Cire, but she was also requested to be the wax tutor of King Louis's sister, Madame Elizabeth.   

     As events unfold it is revealed that weekly visitors of the Salon, friends of Curtis, in the after hours became major figures of the Anarchy, which was soon known as the Reign of Terror.   This is hardly an understatement.  Mobs killed many innocent, including women & children, commoners & nobles alike.  Soon quick justice came the guillotine was introduced.

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       During this turbulent time Madame Grosholtz walks a fine line treading that of the royal aristocratic old ways and that of which this revolution is supposed to store to the common people of France.  The mob holds power over her.  If she denies their request she will be sent to prison or worse, find her head tumbling around after the guillotine slices through the creamy flesh of her neck.  Yet, Madame Elizabeth has found a spot in Madame Grosholtz heart where she hopes that she will have mercy on her and her family if Austria armies comes to aid King Louis.

     Henri Charles was a beautiful addition to the book.  His tender relationship and non too subtle hints directed towards Madame Grosholtz had me giggle and blush for the poor woman myself.  She was so driven in financial and business gain that she did not see how much this man adored her before it was announced.  Dear Henri was also a man who had a solid head on his shoulders and broke up the comprehensive political battle nestled in the pages. 

     Overall, Madame Tussaud was a story that had me enthralled until the end.  This book was extremely well written and researched!

           He is a madman.  That much is certain.  His eyes are spaced too close together, the way they are in children who will grow up to be imbeciles.  Only there is cunning reflected in them instead of ignorance.  -  Page 94

            But we are all sorry when loss comes for us.  The test of our character comes not in how many tears we shed but in how we act after those tears have dried.  -  Page  370
Rating: Mad Love
More then 5 Blasts!  This book is a Mad Scientist favorite!!

The blood and gore had me at the edge of my seat with intense interest yet heartfelt sadness!

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  1. I didn't like it so much (I am a bit more demanding) but of course the beauty of writing a review is that somebody might not agree with you ;)

  2. Oh, I totally agree about Henri. He was a nice, steady character that added a sweetness to the plot.

    Excellent review Mad Scientist! Thank you again for linking to my review =)

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