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Blaze (or Love in the Time of Supervillains) Book Review

Blaze (or Love in the Time of Supervillains) 

By: Laurie Boyle Crompton

Published  By:  Sourcebooks Fire

Publish Date:  February 1st 2013

Pages: 309 pages

Tags:  Young Adult, Contemporary Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Coming of Age


Concoction of a Review:

The Mad Scientist shouts “Not Your Normal Coming of Age” & “Bad Choices” as well as “Comic Lover Ahead” in a read all about it way the newsies in New York City would of. Let’s just say I really enjoyed Blaze's world... and is not sure anyone would find it lacking!  

Young teenage Blaze gets one of those weird names by way of her fathers love of comics (Johnny Blaze of Ghost Rider), although the Mad Scientist believes it to be just the bees knees!  Did I mention that Blaze is also very much into comics?  So much so that she covets boxes of vintage comics her father left behind as he ran off in hopes of becoming an actor in NYC.  Oh, how I love when she brings about the world of comics in her life with nice like sound effects.  How wonderful is this girl!?!  Now all she needs is pretty parasol.

She drives a brown minivan AKA Superturd usually fully loaded with her little brother, Josh, and some of his friends AKA the cretins.  As the soccer mom step in she takes half the team to games as she sits on the sidelines reading and drawing comics.  Blaze even created her own comic in the course of the book debuting The Blazing Goddess & Mark the Shark.  (Sadly she has to grow up faster then a teen would like.)  Perhaps stealing chaste glances at the well toned soccer coach, who just happens to go to her high school.

Due to previously mentioned cretins at a soccer game the previously mentioned coach asks for a ride home from a game.  

"Dylan tries to claim shotgun as Mark tosses my chair and his giant mesh bag of balls into Superturd’s butt.”  4% via Kindle

From here I Blaze turns to mush, just a wee tiny bit.  First crushes tend to do that to oneself.  (We forgive her.)  However, one can never tell who the bad guy is in real life.  (Microsoft could you include bad guy radar in your new iGlass device?)  We never assume the one person we think to be the good guy is really the BAD GUY.  Oh, I had him pegged.  Perhaps she needs a silver tipped parasol to damage the BAD GUY!

Bad choices of Blaze by way of friends and sweaty soccer guy lead the story down many different paths.  Sexting is discussed, friendships are pushed, bullying gets intense, and a voice is found all through bad choices.  Yes, bad choices had me holding my breathe due to wanting to gently slap her but really there would be no story of life altering change if there were no bad choices to learn from.  Yet, one must admit that painting pink flames onto Superturd is more humorous then not when thinking of bad choices.  Especially when it carts around a group of soccer loving preadolescence boys around.  *snickers*  Although, sadly a young ladies pieces were lost in the battle of crush vs sense.  *sigh*

Now the comic book guy is another story.  So adorable. *mini swoon* The Mad Scientist wanted to climb into the story and browse the comic book store for a looksee!  

"I asked if you like the taste of limes!”
Moving into a corner, I face the wall and jam a finger in my ear so I can hear him better.  “Did you just ask me if I like limes?”
He laughs.  “It’s my nerdy attempt to ask you out. 94% via Kindle

Not the man stud of the romance covers but the awkward cute like dear Sheldon Cooper (of The Big Bang Theory.  Yes, the Mad Scientist has some sort of vice.).

Overall... Laurie Boyle Crompton touched on some serious issues that pertain to today’s Young Adults.  My recommendation is to go out there and read this.  It is not the best book ever but it is one amazing tale of growing up in today’s high school!  Do not take the word of a quirky clockwork Mad Scientist, When you finish let me know how you enjoyed the wrath of Josh!  AKA Blazes little brother .  .  .

** Thanks to NetGalley for the ability to read & review this book which so ever did not influence or bend my thoughts in any manner.  All Mad thoughts are presented in the right mind of a twisted brain of the Mad Scientist!**


4.0 Blasts ---> Most Delightful!


  1. Superturd xD

    This sounds like a fun and funny story and I love the quotes you included. I might have to check this one out!

    1. It was a really fun story. Funny when needed and serious else where but not heavy. I highly recommend it for a realistic coming of age novel. It is completely different and I loved it!

  2. I really loved the cretins and how they came through for Blaze when it counted-so great!

    1. The cretins were just that little extra pinch of awesome and annoying that little brothers and his friends lend to life!

      The really did pull through! It was a better ending then I thought was coming!


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