Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mad's Travel Odyssey {1}

The Mad Scientist's LOVES to TRAVEL as much as I LOVE to READ!

Here is a place where I can add my photos & tell stories of my ADVENTURES!!!!!!
Soon my next adventure will start with my oldest son, Hayden.  So soon after six months in China... Oh, yes!  I was almost jumping out of my skin sitting in a classroom once again.  Smart as I think I am, I took 8 week courses instead of 16.  My semester is officially finished.

On the 1st, I will be heading to Madison, Wisconsin to spend time with my best friend and brother before I fly.  Then I will spend a night in Chicago (just for fun).

Mad Scientist will be departing from Chicago, IL to spend the nearly the next 6 months in Thailand.  The Mad Scientist will keep everyone in on the adventures and post pictures on a regular basis.

Packing has been at the top of my list and buying things that I want to take with me.  

Next I will post some of the outfit selections I have picked out for tropical Thailand.  Curiosity might get the blogger!?!

If any questions occur that you might have about travel...
How I pack?
What I pack?
How do I afford it?
What not to take?

and any other thoughts. Please do ask and I might be able to answer and help.

I also hope to inspire others to travel!

Talon, my middle son, in China at Longji, Guangxi.
Dragon Back Rice Terraces.

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Happy Traveling!


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