Friday, November 1, 2013

Mad Imagery ---> Day 2

The Mad Scientist's LOVES to TRAVEL as much as I LOVE to READ!

In where MS attempts to post a photo or more a day.
& perhaps relay a tale or two of my ADVENTURES!!!!!!
{SiSaket Aquarium, Thailand}
Day 2

On many occasions MS found herself at the local aquarium. Entertaining a 12 year old is a bit different then entertaining oneself. It was a bit of a walk outside of the city but it was well worth it. The SiSaKet aquarium is small but nice. Not to mention cheap, costing us about 1 USD each to spend an afternoon in AC staring at some pretty dazzling fish. 

MS was pleasantly surprised to find out there was even an aquarium in SiSaKet. Things have changed and developed so much over the years from when I last lived there from 1998-1999. 

Here MS was lucky enough to catch the Trigger fish smiling!
(using the Sony Nex-5n)

Have a wonderful day!!

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Happy Traveling!


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