Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mad Imagery ---> Day 3

The Mad Scientist's LOVES to TRAVEL as much as I LOVE to READ!

In where MS attempts to post a photo or more a day.
& perhaps relay a tale or two of my ADVENTURES!!!!!!
{Karbi, Thailand}
Day 3

This paradise can be found near Krabi, Thailand.
I'm laying in the hammock reading Shantaram.
(part is showing in the bottom corner) 
This is the sort of paradise you mourn for once you leave.
MS is mourning.

Yet, smiling.
I love sharing my travels.
MS cannot take credit for finding this spot. 
We signed up for a day tour consisting of sea kayaking & swimming. 
We had already put in a full morning of kayaking through canyons and mangroves. We stopped for lunch, ocean side. After, filling out bellies with some rather good affair most people in the group headed off to the beach. MS promptly laid in a green hammock and opened Shantaram to the sounds of waves on the shore and the feel of the warm sun as I swayed in the light breeze. 


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Happy Traveling!


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