Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mad Imagery ---> Day 5

The Mad Scientist's LOVES to TRAVEL as much as I LOVE to READ!

In where MS attempts to post a photo or more a day.
& perhaps relay a tale or two of my ADVENTURES!!!!!!
{Longji Rice Terraces AKA Dragon Back Terraces}
Day 5
Guangxi, China

The rice terraces are normally on one's bucket list when they visit a country such as China or Indonesia.

I'm not one to pass up such a trip!
The world in the palm of Talon's hand.
You can hike up the left side (opposite) and go all the way around the entire village to end up where this picture was taken. I'd say an hour or two around the ridge. (depends on amount of people/groups are there) There are also many other paths that will take you to other villages in the mountains & paths that lead up to the top ridge and back down.
Longji mountain village. I've stayed 4 times and loved it each time.
 MS stayed in this village on multiple occasions. I loved it so. This occasion we were just on a day trip, taking others to the terraces. The hotel I stayed in had great wifi in the lobby area & the rooms were just too cute. Talon was excited to find French Fries of all things.
I told him he better not be using those binoculars to look into any windows! 
Talon was gifted binoculars before we headed on our trip to China. I'm so glad he found an occasion to use them.

However, taking the bus from the bottom up and down is the scariest thing I have ever done. It may have just been a bus ride but it was seriously the most scared I've ever been in my life! My poor heart each time MS went up and down! The drivers whipped around corners with just the beep of a horn warning drives that maybe on the other side of the stone that they were coming. The drop if there was a hit is one that we may not survive.

It is hard to describe but trust me. It is worse then a roller coaster!

(using the Sony Cyber Shot)

Have you been anywhere on your Bucket List?


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