Friday, October 26, 2012

A Scary Blog Tour!!

My wonderful followers...
I have some information to share.

Yes, the Mad Scientist feels inclined to share!

So much Halloween fun around the blogs this time of year.

This one has a special treat.

A chance to win a necklace of the Steampunkery portportions!
Tell me... Who would not want this beauty around their neck?

Drop in on my favorite authors for a spot of epic goodness
Try to win autographed books of the Vampire Empire!

Now if you know me...
You should know these books are my Favorite!
I absolutely adore them!
Here are my darling books!  
*pets lovingly*
I await patiently for signed copies.
*screams in head*
Oh yes!

Right now Amy Plum has her say,
{another author I adore}
Enter this PORTAL if you dare to see what scares her!

Clay and Susan Griffith
Again, these are my favorite Steampunkery Books.

Please do take a moment to try to win them and the beautiful necklace.
If not for you, then at least to make my eyes twinkle with Green envy when I see you have won!

Take Care!
I'm off to a dreadful 6 hour boring Business class.
 The things ladies must do these days.
A face of disdain. 
2012-10-26 14.00.37.jpg


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