Saturday, October 20, 2012

Steampunkery Elements {No.1}

Steampunkery Around the Web

Finding &

Bringing Steampunkery to you!

Wondering around... Jumping links. To behold a Book I have yet to hear of.

Oh, yes please!  
I would love to have this beauty on my arm!
Octopus Jewelry Brass Cuff Bracelet with Mythical Kraken Sea Monster in Turquoise

Steampunkery meets China
via Movie Review by

Clothing for the Want
On Sale now! @ Steampunk Threads

 Oh, I do hope you have enjoyed a few of my finds.


  1. That cuff bracelet is AWESOME!!!!! I rarely wear jewelry since I have small children and they just love to pull on it, but I think I'd actually wear that if I had it!

    -Kate the Book Buff
    Recent Post: Confessions of a Book Blogger Who Hate “Confessions of a ______” Book Titles

  2. I wish that bracelet would secretly arrive at my house. :)


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