Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Top Off Tuesday ---> 9th of October 2012

Why not have a bit of fun today?  

The Mad Scientist sees no reason why not.  *smirks*

A book cover Man Candy....

I don't mind if I do!

Laird of Darkness

Long hair for a firm grip!

You know what they say about long swords....

And do I spy a kilt?

Not clockwork but I hear my heart a tick tock ticking!
By:  Nicole North
Publish Date:  March 21st 2011
Publiser: Carina Press 

Has any one read this pretty?


  1. See this is why I think we should all be allowed to fall through time and find a hot guy :)

  2. He sure has a good grip on that sword. *wink wink*


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