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Book Review ---> Wake (Watersong #1)

Wake (Watersong, #1)

By: Amanda Hocking 
Published  By:  St. Martin's Press
Publish Date:  Aug. 7th 2012
Pages: 309 Hardcover
Series:   Watersong #1
Tags:  Young Adult, Fantasy Fiction, Mythology, Paranormal Romance
Source:  Library

Concoction of a Review:

Confessions of an Angry Girl The Mad Scientist thought she should give Amanda Hocking a gander since I've heard so much about her other series, which I have not read yet.  Added to the good chatter is the promise of Mermaids!  Sounds wonderful to me.

I fancy the idea of Sirens.  In the beginning it was enough that my curiosity was allowing the story to grab me, making me want to know more.  Albeit, it did not take very long for my head to start shaking back n forth.  The narration was just... What to say to explain?  Bizarre.

Gemma was enthralled by the water, aiming of the Olympics (which impressed the britches off of me) before the Sirens of the story drew her away with their own enthralling magic.  There is something wrong with the three beautiful girls, that used to be four, the whole town even feels the odd around them.  Gemma fought as hard as she could but who could say no to the mythological creatures of the sea.  No one in the past could.  Her practical overprotective older sister, Harper, also fought in her own way... without knowing it.  Oh, that just makes you wonder, now doesn't it not?!

If you know anything about myths, I bet you are waiting to hear about the bad stuff that goes along with every immortals story.  Sure enough, these Sirens bring darkness to the small city in Maryland.  It is grim.  But I can't tell you more.  *wink wink*

Throughout the book, the Mad Scientist did find herself saying, "could we just move along, please!"  There were several areas where I felt a particular part was just drawn out a few more pages then necessary. 

One more thing...  the foreseen future in knowing this book has three more after it sort of killed the drama of the almost death of Gemma.  There was just no way she was going to die in the middle of the first book & I was bothered by it being made a option.  Anyone else?

Mythology is something I have always enjoyed.  However, the Mad Scientist did NOT feel the pull of the Siren's song from this book.  I am pleased to say that I just picked this one up from the library instead of scrounging around for enough change for the purchase. 

The Mad Scientist will not be running out for the next in the series!

Overall, it was a quaint story of family and friendship with a side note of small romance & creepiness.  It just was not my cup of tea.  Hot, cold, green or black.

** Thanks to NetGalley for the ability to read & review this book which so ever did not influence or bend my thoughts in any manner.  All Mad thoughts are presented in the right mind of a twisted brain of the Mad Scientist!**

2.0 Blasts --->  Baffled


  1. I have heard some say this wasn't their favorite of her books. I haven't read it. Or her except back when she had self published her very first book (which I didn't love). Sorry that you spent time on a book you didn't love though!

  2. It's on sale at Audible right now. But based on your review, I think I'm going to pass.


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