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Book Cover Insight from Cassandra Clare

Here is a special treat for everyone 
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Today, I have a special treat worked up for you.
(was supposed to be yesterday but I couldn't create or post for some reason.)

I arranged a few question for Cassandra Clare and of course, since she is such a darling, she decided to play along.  I cooked up a few questions about her books.  Nay.  I asked about the book art that can be found on her beautiful series, The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices.

I'm sure you agree, they are so eye popping that your sight feasts on them when you see them.

Here is the delicious Cover Art for City of Fallen Angels:
Coming 04/05/11

Love, blood, betrayal and revenge — the stakes are higher than ever in City of Fallen Angels.

*Rubs Hands Together*
Now for the Book Art questions:

1.) Most authors do not have much of a say about how the book art will look. After so much time and effort put into writing the book did this bother you if you had another idea in mind? Especially when some covers are known to make or break a book. 

I would be bothered to be given a cover I hated, but that does not mean I think I should be designing my own covers from scratch. I'm not an artist, I'm a writer. The cover of City of Bones is striking and unusual and nothing I would have come up with on my own. 

2.) Did you have any input on the characters chosen for the cover? Who did you really want on the cover/s?  Why? 

I had zero input on the first cover. Zero. It looks exactly like it did when it first landed in my inbox in 2006. I had a tiny bit of input into the cover for City of Ashes; I asked for the Brooklyn Bridge to be in the foreground, but I already knew they were putting Clary on the cover. I did have input into what character went on the cover of City of Glass but that's because the design department was somewhat stuck. Simon, Isabelle or Alec didn't make sense, Clary and Jace had already had covers, so I suggested Sebastian because he symbolized the fact that the book was introducing new characters and a new location — going in a new direction, so to speak. And for Infernal Devices and the next three TMI books I have been allowed to basically pick the characters for the covers. 

3.) Out of all of the bookcovers out there which one draws you in the most? Why?

The cover of Clockwork Angel. Which again I didn't have a heck of a lot of input in. I love the dynamic pose with Will and the hat, and that you can see his face, and the colors. 

Just for fun: 

4.) What is your favorite treat for yourself? 

Getting into bed with a fun, trashy book. 

An extra question asked by another blogger: 

5.) Why was Sebastian on the third cover and why does he have wings? She thought he was partly demon not angelic. 

I think I sort of already answered the why-Sebastian question, but as for the wings, the answer is: Because in City of Ashes, when Clary prophetically dreams about him (p. 184 in my hardback American copy of Ashes), he has wings. Black ones, covered in blood. Wings are not a sign of inherent goodness; fallen angels have them too. :)

City of Ashes, p. 184: ”It was Jace, all in burning gold with his gold eyes and gold hair, and white-gold wings sprouted from his back, wider and more thickly feathered than any bird’s. He smiled like a cat and pointed behind her, and Clary turned to see that a dark-haired boy was standing there, and wings spread from his back as well, feathered black as midnight, and each feather was tipped with blood.” 

That was Sebastian.


Thank you for indulging me a bit with the world of Book Art.  It always fascinates me to walk through the book store and see so many amazing covers.  Yet, a person is drawn to the most simple cover at times or the most outlandish.

Stop by for another spot of tea whenever you feel the need.

Now for you lovely followers and non followers... I have a last parting treat for you.
I know that there will not be any ARC floating around, by this we are all sad.
However, I roused up a lovely video of Cassandra Clare herself giving in to our cries of wanting more.

Keep Your Eyes Open!
I'll be giving out City of Bones for those of you who need to jump on this bandwagon or just plain out want your own copy instead of hitting the library or a friend for a Jace fix.

Wishing that the first week in to the New Year is still going wonderful!


  1. I am way late to the Cassandra Clare's party as I just got Clockwork Angel and it will my first of hers. I LOVE the cover for it and I can't wait to start it

  2. What a great interview! All her covers draw my eye. I had borrowed all her books until Clockwork Angel which I bought because I HAD to have it, if only for the cover. Fortunately it was fantastic. But now I really want ALL of her books because I will surely be buying all the rest as they are released. And they just look so pretty on my shelf...

  3. Nice interview! I appreciated her answers. I agree with Cassandra; the cover for Clockwork Angel is definitely my favorite.

  4. This was a fun interview to read. Thanks to you both!

  5. Nice interview! Thanks.

    Also, I just wanted to let you know I've given you a blog award. You can see it at:


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