Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tis Official

The Mad Scientist has started another semester...
Another degree!
A double major.

History & Religious Studies.

What?  How did you go from Science to Religious Studies?

Well, since I'm an over achiever in oddball-dom I started this academic year at a private college in the middle!  (I'm the only person with purple hair!)  All the science classes were topped off before I could even suggest or think of continuing on in the science area.  *sigh*

Yes, I was in a rather dismayed mood once I heard that.  
But it allows me to go on in my original pursuit, history with an emphasis in war & torture/genocide.
A love of history and bloody battles comes from my father &
my tribes not so lovely history of tribal survival.  :(

I do have all of BUT one upper level general ed requirement completed.
So, I'm over joyed that I get to hit the core classes this semester.

For History I'm taking:
Western Civilizations II  -- A class that shoves 500 years of Euro history into a few hours!
Modern European History  --  Perhaps I'll learn something about Europe today ;)

For Religious Studies I'm taking:
Women in the Bible  --  Where there is too much sex talk!  LOL!
Topics in the Bible  --  I know Buddhism but not Christianity.  1st semester it is offered.

So, there are my classes.  4 credits a piece = 16 credits.  4 over full time :)

But I did some overlapping on my topics on purpose.  I hope the new areas that I'm about to walk into will be pounded into my brain on just these specific topics.  Just Europe & just the bible.

Yes, the syllabuses look like I will be crazy crazy busy. 
Maybe I'll learn something I don't know.

Once I'm done with these classes I'll only have 16 more to go for my double major.


We will celebrate more then!

So, with this being said... take it easy one me.  LOL!  
I'll be around but not as much as before... I'll be skipping out on blog time so I can get some reading time in.  I wont be participating in many extra posts but I hope to be giving you plenty of Steampunkery delights and book reviews.

Thanks for the support!


  1. Wicked cool....

    Rock that purple hair, double major and women in the bible class that talks about sex way to much!=) LOL!!!

    Rock it out and teach us a few things.

    =) Best wishes to you on all your endeavors.

  2. In an effort to get my first degree done quickly I never took anything less than 24 hours except in the summer where I took 18, still 16 hours in the classes listed sounds like you might just be even more of a mad scientist than you are already (not in a bad way though)

    Very cool classes, so hopefully you will revel in the learning. Fondest wishes on a successful semester.

  3. I am impressed - you chose such nice subjects! Best wishes and good organizational skills! I am sure you will learn plenty!!! BTW I suppose this topic might interest you as well - I linked it for your convenience.

  4. Sounds cool. I would love to major in Religious Studies. Women in the Bible sounds like a cool pick.

  5. Congrats on the classes! They look really cool! I am so jealous! :)

    Have fun this semester!

  6. YIKES! How do you find time to read anything else?? You sound extremely busy and kiddos too? I'm impressed!


    Hey-I finally have a button if you want to come pick her up some time!

  7. Wow! I love history now and all those classes actually sound kind of fun... I'd have a hard time cutting back on my reading though.

  8. Sounds like good classes! I know that when I get to college my major will probably be changing monthly. Not my classes though, that would be way to expensive. Have a fun semester!

  9. Good luck!! I'm hoping to go back to school soon, and I'm in awe of people like you:) Keep up the great work!


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