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Book Review… Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Hush Hush
A Hardcover Beauty

By: Becca Fitzpatrick
Series: Hush Hush Book 1
Publisher: Simon and Schuster, 2009
Pages: 391, Hardcover
Genre: Young Adult, Fallen Angels, Paranormal Romance

First Line: 
Chauncey was with a farmer's daughter on the grassy banks of the Loire River when the storm rolled in, and having let his gelding wonder in the meadow, was left to his own feet to carry him back to the Château.

Why the Mad Scientist Read this Book:
I read this beauty last year before I had a blog, but this book fits in perfect with the Morbid Romantica Challenge: Nephilim theme.

Concoction of a Review: 
The day was gloomy at home. I looked at my shelves wanting to read something. *sigh* Nothing on one of my many shelves did not jump at me. I had the bulter ready the carriage to make a run to the libaray. Riding cloak in hand I was off. The library has the odd smell to it that only a book lover would enjoy. I took a deep breath and started to sally through the isles of inky wonders. I grabbed Hush Hush off the shelf not thinking it would amount to much but I wanted it.

     *Gasps!*  Becca Fitzpatrick, I was not expecting what was between those covers!  This was much more than I expected… in a good way. I even managed to get my own hardcover copy of Hush Hush for my favorite books of all times shelf. *sigh* It is the most beautiful sight! Now I have a lovely hardcover copy of Cresendo right along side of it.  Which I hope to get to soon.

     Nora Grey, a sophomore seemed to be living a pretty wonderful life. Which included a truly grand friend, Vee. Those types of friends are hard to come by. They even endured Biology together. I know many groan at the though to of science but this was just a plus for me *grin*. Now us readers get a bit lucky and well, our duo have a stroke of discomfort when the dear biology professor decided to do the unspeakable. He made everyone change their lab partners, breaking up the girls. However, now Nora is now partnered with the mysterious silend badboy, Patch Cipria. From that moment, that little change her normal life was soon to be less then that. Everything starts to change….

     Patch is one of those dark and brooding types that knows exactly what to say or not say to drive Nora to the brink of… lets just say he gets her all flustered and mad. Albeit her frustration with him she can't seem to stay away from Patch. It's a scary weird attraction she does not understand yet she is compelled by him. Nora is afraid to lust after him and she is just simply afraid due to a few mysterious occurances. There has to be something blasphemous about the possiblitiy of that relationship. The Mad Scientist really wanted to love him but he comes out as being creepy in the beginning, creepier then I would care to admit. But must admit I love the innuendos that come out of his mouth. I can just picture Noras knickers getting all twisted with her face all up in a huff of anger and embarrassment. It truly made me laugh out loud… more than once.  Thanks to my dearest Becca for a darker male to swoon over, I needed that!

     Picture cloaks, magnification glasses, and proper pick locks because Nora and Vee do some investigation of their own which leads nowhere. Soon, her fear switches to Vee who gets herself into a scary situation without knowing it. Vee is alone with Elliot and Jules who are not exactly what they seem.

     Hush Hush was Becca Fitzpatrick's debut book, that made the Mad Scientist an instant fan! She has easily wiggled her way onto my favorites list and I can hardly wait for Crescendo to come out! Hush Hush was a fast paced page flipper. I personally could barely put it down! The story was I tense with well thought out plot twists. What I mean is, the Mad Scientist was guessing throughout the book instead of being told what I already figured out. Tis true, it is hard to out whit this brain.

     Overall, the Mad Scientist is more then pleasantly pleased. It was a wonderful read and a great debut novel!

Rating:  4 Strong Blasts

 Nora races through the twists and turns in the edge if fear. So did I. Well, at least on the edge part!

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  1. Thanks for this review! I was contemplating whether or not I should buy and read this. Some people say its sucky but seeing how you liked it! I shall give it a try! Thank you.

  2. Ugh, this seems to be a very dividing book, in terms of opinion. I read it while doing video reviews last summer and thought it spectacularly dull. But, eh, each to their own opinion I suppose.

  3. I'd like to give you the Stylish Blogger award, congratulations! Keep up the great work. You can find out about the award here: Feel free to pass it on or just know your blog makes me happy. :) Katie x

  4. I loved this book so I had to know what you thought of it. Your review was so entertaining am I'm so glad I have someone to share my love of this book and.....I also have a favorite books bookshelf! I thought I might be the only one. It's nice because if there's ever a fire, tornado, or something to that nature I can grab those books shove them (gently) into a bag and save them! Oh, and of course it's nice to know where they are so if you're ever needing to just get lost in something you already know you love, they'll be right there. Ok, I'll stop talking now.

  5. I really liked this book when I read it but once I read Crescendo (which I didn't like much) I wondered why I liked it so much. I'm curious to see what you end up thinking of Crescendo.

  6. Fantastic review! It makes me want to read the book all over again! :)


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