Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mechanical Bunnies No. 2

It is time for the time that all of us book bloggers look forward to... The Blog Hopping!  We love it because we get to see new blogs, check out designs & content & set up, and well to be completely honest... We love it because we get more followers.  Nothing makes me happier or more loved when I randomly check my blog and find out more people love my blogs concept and just happen to enjoy what I just wrote!  That is just to amazing to me.  Not to say that I don't work hard on what I post but just the thought that someone cares about what I read or issues I bring to my followers attention.

For those of you who are joining me from Parajunkee's Friday Follow:

What is/was your favorite subject in school?

Well, honestly I enjoy everything but Math, Physical Education, Music, Business, Accounting... LOL!

I love Sciences and History!
I finished Biological Sciences & Humanities last semester.
(Excited to walk for my degree in the spring.)

Right now I am going to school for History & Religious Studies.

For those of you who are joining me from Crazy for Books:

 "What book are you most looking forward to seeing published in 2011?  Why are you anticipating that book?

Well, I declare!  What is with the hard question?
I would have to say I'm looking forward to Elizabeth I by Margaret George!  I love her historical writings.  Helen of Troy was my favorite of her books thus far.  She also lives in Wisconsin and I'm excited to go to her book signing :)

Here, What is going on at Steampunkery & Book Reviews?

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1000 Follower Giveaway going on right here!  
Hopefully soon!!

Adult Mad Scientist - Forbidden Steam & Morbid Romantica

Thanks for taking out time to hop by this disarray of Steampunkery 
delight and Mad insane Book Reviews.

The Insanity keeps coming & I hope you do to!


  1. An old follower & continued reader of your blog...wanted to say hallo and I love the mechanical bunny!! XD Have a great weekend!

    Redd @Wyld Hollow

  2. HI there hopping through :). Hope you have a great weekend!

    MY fave subject was History too.

    as for books omg! I can't name just one too many are out there I want lol But I guess the biggest is Lover Unleashed by JR Ward.

    My FF and Blog hops

  3. Aww, what a cute bunny! LOL! I'm an old follower getting in my old follower hopping right now.

    Great pick for the book! I believe that is on my to-read list!

    I will have my hop up later today. I hope you'll stop by!

  4. Dropping by via blogger hop. :) Have a great weekend!
    I am your newest follower. Drop by via Clandestine Sanctuary to read my answer for this week. :)

  5. Dropping by the blog hop. Have a great weekend :)

  6. Oh, your blog is simply ravishing! Digs on the bunny) And thanks for the awesome book suggestion, i love the elizabethan era and would really enjoy reading a book about the queen herself.

  7. Happy Friday! Old follower here hopping through! I'm a lover of science also. Hope you have a great weekend!

    Barb at Sugarbeat's Books

    Valentine's Giveaway

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Happy Friday :)

  9. "Mechanical Bunnies" caught my eye -- very clever!! Couldn't believe I had to choose just one book I was waiting for.... but choose I did.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. First I'd like to say thanks for stopping by my blog :]

    Old follower from the hop--I've seen lots of history answers today! To be honest I wasn't a huge fan, I liked my biology class much more. Course now I'm taking psychology, which totally fascinates me. Love the complexity of humans!

    Have a great weekend!
    My FF

  11. I am stopping by to say hi! I had no idea that Margaret George was coming out with another book. I will have to add this to my TBR pile. I love historical fiction, especially anything focusing on Elizabeth I.

  12. mechanical bunnies, that's too cute!!! have a great sunday!!

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