Friday, October 8, 2010

Review. A Snarky Read Indeed.

To Kill A Warlock

By: H.P. Mallory
Series:  Dulcie O'Neil #1
Publisher:  Smashwords
Read E-Book via Nook
Book Art: Gothic meets quirky cartoon.  Cute.
Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Adult

Reason Why the Mad Scientist Picked Up This book:
This book was recommended to me by Black Disaster Fairy.

First Line:  There was no way in hell I was looking in the mirror.

Concoction of a Review:

I grabbed my futuristic Nook, *oh* yes this contraption is highly recommended by me.  If you ever find yourself instead a time machine I think you should visit 2010.  I brushed my velvet skirts flat and propped up for a comfortable read in the back garden.  Honestly, I was unsure of what to except from either the book or author.  From the first shocking sentence the author hooked me into Dulcie's world.   The flow of the words tingled, transporting me out of the garden into a unique world of magical creatures who have integrated with humans over the last 50 years.  *gasps* 

Dulcie, our heroine, is a fairy.  However, you can erase most images from your mind when you think of Dulcie.  She works for the Association of Netherworld Creatures (ANC), which enforces polices that are created for otherworldy creatures who live among humans and is writing a book on the side. Dulcie is a hardcore, smart, funny, and entertaining fairy, with some magical gifts, who is determined to be the best Regulator in the area.  

Even though this was a female who mastered the art of hardcoreness she went through a bad relationship.  There are a few fellows, Quillan and Knight *swoon*, that make me furiously wave my  fan over my flushed cheeks.  Although, her broken heart makes the romance interesting it evokes a small self confidence issue, concerning her ears.  Fairies should have cute pointed ears, but she does not think so.

Dulcie teams up with Knight (off the record), a steamy pile of  hot bad boy man flesh *gasps*, who is a Relations Officer from the Netherworld. Together, the two heat the pages up as they take on a mystery of murder of a magical Warlock who is known for selling illegal potions.  It just so happens that Dulcie is the last person to see him alive.  *tsk tsk*  She sets out on this captivating mission, the bodies pile up and she is in a race to find the killer before the killer finds her first.

*Opens Parasol* This book has everything a Mad Scientist likes in a book.  A dark side, handsome men, mystery, a sadistic demon, romance, good twists, magical elements, and BETRAYAL.  

This book has a dark serious side and a light humorous side.  I do not think you will be disappointed.


"You, one of the strongest fairies around, turned your back on a known dark arts practitioner because he had a hot guy in his store?"

"If I was narcissistic about anything, it was my hair."

"I was back to myself, but still disgusting-covered in a layer of what looked like clear snot, like I'd just dropped out of God's nose."

4 Blasts

A properly entertaining book that will have you
swooning over the men and giggling out loud.
Mad Scientist Recommends!


  1. LOL! This book sounds awesome! Can't wait til I get an e reader so I can read it. Really, I loved your review and Knight sounds quite dreamy. Plus, sadism always makes for a fun read.

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  2. I really enjoyed Knight and I thought the storyline was really fun and original though Dulcie did irritate me at times by hopping from love interest to another. I got quite attached to Knight and wanted them to be together:):) Nice review!


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